John H. Burrows

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Al Capone Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

In this unusually accurate biography, small-time hood Al Capone comes to Chicago at the dawn of Prohibition to be the bodyguard of racketeer Johnny Torrio.

The Amorous Adventures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Trailer (1976)

01 April 1976

Stanley Trailer (1972)

23 May 1972

Tim Ochopee, a shell-shocked Seminole Indian has just returned from a tour of Vietnam. He lives a peaceful life deep in the Everglades with his pet snake Stanley.

Till Death Us Do Part Trailer (1992)

18 February 1992

This is a true crime story based on the book of the same title by prosecuting attorney, Vincent Bugliosi.

Cry Vengeance Trailer (1954)

24 November 1954

Ex-cop Vic Barron crossed the wrong mobsters; his wife and child were killed and he himself scarred, framed and imprisoned.

Kiss of the Tarantula Trailer (1976)

01 May 1976

A disturbed teenage girl unleashes her pet tarantula against her "enemies."

Wild Riders Trailer (1971)

08 September 1971

Two juvenile delinquents break into a luxury house where they rape two women. They settle in the house, sell the valuables and kill a curious neighbour.

Strange Intruder Trailer (1956)

02 September 1956

A Korean War veteran (Edmund Purdom) must find his buddy's (Ida Lupino) widow and children, to keep a bizarre promise.