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Topaz Trailer (1969)

18 December 1969

A French intelligence agent becomes embroiled in the Cold War politics first with uncovering the events leading up to the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis, and then back to France to break up an international Russian spy ring.

13 Ghosts Trailer (1960)

05 August 1960

Reclusive Dr. Zorba has died and left his mansion to his nephew Cyrus and his family. They will need to search the house to find the doctor's fortune, but along with the property they have also inherited the occultist's collection of 13 ghosts.

The Money Pit Trailer (1986)

15 March 1986

After being evicted from their Manhattan apartment, a couple buys what looks like the home of their dreams – only to find themselves saddled with a bank-account-draining nightmare.

Von Ryan's Express Trailer (1965)

23 June 1965

Von Ryan's Express stars Frank Sinatra as a POW colonel who leads a daring escape from Nazi Germany by taking over a freight train, but he has to win over the British soldiers he finds himself commanding.

The Ultimate Impostor Trailer (1979)

11 May 1979

A secret agent is trained by having his brain linked up to a computer. He is then sent on a mission to rescue a Russian sub commander.

Noble House Trailer (1988)

21 February 1988

Ian Struan Dunross is chairman of Struan & Co, the oldest and largest of the British-East Asia trading companies.

A Time to Love and a Time to Die Trailer (1958)

09 July 1958

A German soldier (John Gavin) home on leave falls in love with a girl (Lilo Pulver), then returns to World War II.

The Great Wallendas Trailer (1978)

12 February 1978

Made-for-TV movie, tells the true story of the Great Wallendas, a family of circus acrobats famous for their seven-person high wire pyramid act, that one night ended in tragedy.

Madame X Trailer (1966)

01 January 1966

A woman married to a wealthy socialite, is compromised by the accidental death of a man who had been romantically pursuing her, and is forced by her mother-in-law to assume a new identity to save the reputation of her husband and infant son.

The Formula Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

A detective uncovers a formula that was devised by the Nazis in WW II to make gasoline from synthetic products, thereby eliminating the necessity for oil--and oil companies.

See How They Run Trailer (1964)

07 October 1964

Three children are stalked by hired killers after they unknowingly take evidence pointing to the existence of a corrupt international cartel, which has just murdered their father.

Looking for Eileen Trailer (1987)

24 September 1987

After his wife Marjan has died in a car crash, Philip de Wit becomes a total wreck. Only after months does he return to a more or less normal life and even then he only works in his wife's bookstore.

Nightshade Trailer (1972)

01 July 1972

A man wants to buy a house in Lower Saxony and meets a mysterious woman.

Diamantenparty Trailer (1973)

10 June 1973

The Enemy General Trailer (1960)

18 October 1960

OSS agent, working with the French underground, ambushes Nazi convoy with high-ranking general, who escapes.

Operation Las Vegas Trailer (1990)

27 April 1990

Richard Harrison fights mobsters, terrorists, and ninjas in this no-budget flick.

My Dog the Thief Trailer (1969)

21 September 1969

As ratings for Jack Crandall's lifeless airborne traffic reports plummet, a super-size St. Bernard on the lam stows away in his chopper.

The Flying Fontaines Trailer (1959)

01 December 1959

Director George Sherman's 1959 circus drama stars Michael Callan as a cocky aerialist causing romantic problems under the Big Top.

Beyond the Time Barrier Trailer (1960)

08 September 1960

A pilot testing an experimental new rocket powered craft manages to fly into the future and land at the now deserted airbase he left.

Born to Fight Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

The ever watchable Brent Huff headlines here as super tough Vietnam Veteran Sam Woods, a one man army ala Rambo, in this typically entertaining action flick from the one and only and very sadly missed, Bruno Mattei.

Rote Rosen, rote Lippen, roter Wein Trailer (1953)

18 December 1953

The Rhinemann Exchange Trailer (1977)

10 March 1977

During World War II, an intelligence officer is dispatched by the U.S. government to arrange an exchange in Argentina of industrial diamonds needed by the Germans for a secret gyroscope needed by the Allies.

Die Ente klingelt um halb acht Trailer (1968)

13 September 1968

The Leech Woman Trailer (1960)

01 May 1960

An endocrinologist in a dysfunctional marriage with an aging, alcoholic wife journeys to Africa seeking a drug that will restore youth.

Brelan d'as Trailer (1952)

11 September 1952

Anthology film with three shorts each featuring a famous detective: Monsieur Wens, Lemmu Caution and Maigret.

Zwei Herzen voller Seligkeit Trailer (1957)

22 March 1957

No overview found.

Schiff ohne Hafen Trailer (1956)

28 April 1956

Ein Mädchen aus Paris Trailer (1954)

23 November 1954

Real Men Don't Eat Gummi Bears Trailer (1989)

17 August 1989

In this wacky comedy, teen-aged Tony (Bentley C. Mitchum) has never known who is father is. Together with his best buddies Peter and Susan, he tracks down the clues he has as well as he can.

The Wizard of Baghdad Trailer (1961)

03 March 1961

A genie turned mortal after his many failures is sent to Baghdad. As his last chance to prove himself he must help a prince and princess fulfill a prophecy.

Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer Trailer (1953)

12 November 1953

In Hamburg sind die Nächte lang Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

The Clone Master Trailer (1978)

14 September 1978

In order to test the validity of his experiments on cloning, a scientist makes clones of himself, but it causes problems that he didn't foresee.

Too Hot to Handle Trailer (1977)

18 February 1977

Gorgeous blonde assassin Samantha Fox accepts a contract to liquidate a quintet of gangsters in the Philippines.

Odyssey of Love Trailer (1987)

27 August 1987

Paul has a full-time lover, an older English woman whose common sense and down-to-earth qualities more than compensate for her relative lack of passion.