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Johnnie Davis, also billed as Johnny Davis and Johnnie "Scat" Davis, was an American actor and singer. Born John Gustave Davis in Brazil, Indiana, into a family of musicians, Davis developed an interest in music during his childhood. He learned to play the trumpet and by the age of 13 was performing with his grandfather's band.

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Varsity Show Trailer (1937)

04 September 1937

Winfield College students who are trying to put together the annual varsity show come into conflict with their faculty adviser, a stodgy old professor whose ideas are hopelessly out of date, and who won't even let the new "swing" music be played in the show.

Hollywood Hotel Trailer (1937)

20 December 1937

Ronny Bowers, a saxophonist in Benny Goodman's band has won a talent contest an got a ten week contract with a film studio.

I Love to Singa Trailer (1936)

18 July 1936

I Love to Singa depicts the story of a young owl who wants to sing jazz, instead of the classical music that his German parents wish him to perform.

Garden of the Moon Trailer (1938)

01 October 1938

A nightclub owner and a bandleader compete for the lead singer's heart.

Katnip Kollege Trailer (1938)

11 June 1938

At the Katnip Kollege, we see a roomful of cats taking a course in Swingology. Everyone swings except Johnny, who can't cut it and has to sit in the dunce chair.

Cowboy from Brooklyn Trailer (1938)

09 July 1938

A singing cowboy turns out to be a tenderfoot.

Mr. Chump Trailer (1938)

08 August 1938

A naive young trumpet player inadvertently becomes involved with bank embezzlers. Comedy.

A Child Is Born Trailer (1939)

07 December 1939

A pregnant prison inmate shares her problems with the patients in a maternity ward.

Men Are Such Fools Trailer (1938)

16 July 1938

The romantic hills and valleys of advertising agency secretary Linda Lawrence (Priscilla Lane) provide the basis of this comedy drama.

Brother Rat Trailer (1938)

29 October 1938

Story of three buddies at the Virginia Military Institute. Cadet Bing Edwards is secretly married and soon to be a father.

Campus Cinderella Trailer (1938)

17 September 1938

This musical comedy has a popular basketball star playing for a different college than what his father wanted after he falls in love with a co-ed.

Over the Goal Trailer (1937)

16 October 1937

An injured football star (William Hopper) plays one more game despite a promise he made to his girlfriend (June Travis).

The Shining Future Trailer (1944)

11 April 1944

Documentary short film intended to drum up support for the Fifth War Loan Campaign. It shows a happy family in the future of 1960 enjoying the prosperity and advantages made possible by the successful prosecution of the war, and how the sacrifices of 1944 have made the world a better place.

Sarong Girl Trailer (1943)

11 June 1943

A dancer in a girlie show plots revenge when a judge orders her show closed.

You Can't Ration Love Trailer (1944)

28 February 1944

In this WW II musical, a group of lovely college co-eds, realizing that there is a shortage of single young men, decide to begin rationing their dates so that all of them can have some fun.

Sweepstakes Winner Trailer (1939)

20 May 1939

A scatterbrained waitress invests her inheritance in a broken-down race horse and a sweepstakes ticket.