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José Baviera was born on August 17, 1906 in Valencia, Spain as José Luis Baviera Navarro. He was immigrated to Mexico in 1940. He was an actor and director, known for El ángel exterminador (1962), La barraca (1945) and La otra (1946). He died on August 13, 1981 in Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

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The Exterminating Angel Trailer (1962)

01 May 1962

The guests at an upper-class dinner party find themselves unable to leave.

Gran Casino Trailer (1947)

12 June 1947

After the mysterious disappearance of an oil well owner, one of his workers, Gerardo assumes the business management.

Yesenia Trailer (1971)

11 September 1971

A beautiful gypsy named Yesenia has no set path in life. During a caravan trip she meets Osvaldo who is enrolled in the militia, they both fall in love despite their differences and social prejudices.

La posesión Trailer (1950)

01 January 1950

Two old friends get hinky with each other over the deed to a tract of land, and their children's engagement gets broken over it.

The Devil Is a Woman Trailer (1950)

08 June 1950

A woman, after committing a murder, flees into a church, confessing her life story to a priest.

El mártir del Calvario Trailer (1952)

02 April 1952

The Martyr of Calvary (Spanish: El Mártir del Calvario) is a 1952 Mexican drama film directed by Miguel Morayta about the life of Christ.

Soledad's Shawl Trailer (1952)

13 November 1952

In the lobby of the hospital of the City of Mexico, Dr. Alberto Robles receives a letter from his friend Juan the priest of Santa Cruz.

Amar fué su pecado Trailer (1951)

10 October 1951

Two sisters fall in love with the same man. Plus fatal illness.

Los reyes del palenque Trailer (1979)

13 January 1979

Widow becomes professional singer to meet expenses. Love complications come along with the territory.

El derecho de nacer Trailer (1952)

27 June 1952

In Havana, turn of the century, Maria Elena is seduced by a man who leaves her pregnant and abandoned.

Deseada Trailer (1951)

04 April 1951

Mother and daughter in love with the same man.

Romeo y Julieta Trailer (1943)

02 September 1943

Verona's peace is disturbed by the rivalry between noble families: the Montesco and the Capuleto, irreconcilable enemies.

Jinetes de la llanura Trailer (1966)

29 December 1966

Cowboy-hero series, first of two. Sequel: Pistoleros de la frontera.

La Otra Trailer (1946)

20 November 1946

The lovely Dolores Del Rio has an acting field day in the Mexican La Otra (The Other One). Del Rio plays twin sisters, one the wife of a millionaire and the other a poverty-stricken manicurist.

Camelia Trailer (1954)

16 February 1954

A woman of low estate is beloved of a promising young man, but sacrifices her love for him in order to protect his future and reputation.

The World of the Vampires Trailer (1961)

02 November 1961

A vampire uses two sisters to seek revenge from the last member of a family that persecuted the undead in Europe, but his plan is threatened by a man who knows how to destroy him with a peculiar piece of music.

Esposa te doy Trailer (1957)

13 September 1957

Chofi marry Alberto and very much in love, but her mother continues to intervene in the couple's relationship, which will lead to divorce.

A Woman's Pride Trailer (1956)

08 August 1956

Everything is very quiet and peaceful in the city of Taxco, until there arrives a man called Ramón Durán who exploits abandoned mines.

El látigo negro Trailer (1958)

19 June 1958

Zorro imitation, first in a series.

Dueña y señora Trailer (1948)

20 November 1948

After his wife dies, the master of the house can... maybe... acknowledge that he had children with the houseekeeper.

Chilam Balam Trailer (1955)

16 October 1955

Priest defies the gods by refusing to sacrifice his daughter. Also: conquistadores.

El Colmillo de Buda Trailer (1949)

16 April 1949

Burlesque version of The Moonstone; the Prince of Panchistan and his cohorts are in Mexico to retrieve a sacred relic.

Corazón salvaje Trailer (1968)

22 August 1968

Nunca es tarde para amar Trailer (1953)

31 July 1953

A widowed doctor with a sick child marries a famous singer unpremeditatedly, running at first everything fine until she begins to long for his former life and scenic successes representing the only reason for existence.

El Mago Trailer (1949)

04 May 1949

A slapstick fantasy of the amorous adventures of a magician a la Cantinflas.

Lola Casanova Trailer (1949)

25 May 1949

Sonora Mexico, 1880s: Seri Indian tribe splits into two factions after a white woman comes to live in their settlement.

El hijo del diablo Trailer (1966)

09 September 1966

Masked Avenger (Lone Ranger style) versus smugglers in a small fishing town.

Besito a papá Trailer (1961)

14 September 1961

A young man hires somebody to impersonate his father when it comes times to meet his girlfriend's parents.

Dos caras tiene el destino Trailer (1952)

21 March 1952

Ruined alcoholic doctor escapes a tropical plague and begins a new life back in civilization, taking over the identity of a dead man.

¿Quién me quiere a mí? Trailer (1936)

10 April 1936

Before the divorce of his parents, a child is in no man's land, waiting for someone to love her.

Tierra De Pasiones Trailer (1943)

20 May 1943

Romantic melodrama; hero and rich landowner are both after the same woman.

Que Dios Me Perdone Trailer (1948)

25 March 1948

Concentration Camp survivor tries to start over with a new identity.

El puerto de los siete vicios Trailer (1951)

11 November 1951

Career criminals vie for ownership of a disreputable waterfront dive and for the love of the cabaret-gal that sings there.

Amok Trailer (1944)

22 December 1944

A European doctor, in self-imposed exile in some place like Borneo, obsesses crazily over a ruling-class white woman.

Juan Colorado Trailer (1966)

16 August 1966

Han matado a Tongolele Trailer (1948)

30 September 1948

Murder mystery set in a night-club; who killed the star performer?

Estafa de amor Trailer (1955)

29 June 1955

Bad woman plays three men off each other while enjoying the attentions of all three; a great many lives are disrupted as a result of her wickedness.

Cuentan de una mujer Trailer (1959)

15 January 1959

Frivolous young with society woman gains depth and maturity through contact with the director of an orphanage and his wards.

Callejera Trailer (1949)

16 November 1949

Struggling songwriter "adopts" a teenaged girl to protect her from her abusive father.

Al caer la tarde Trailer (1949)

05 August 1949

Ambitious hacendado tries to take over a neighboring estate and the young woman that goes with the property.

La mujer de dos caras Trailer (1957)

13 February 1957

La infame Trailer (1954)

21 January 1954

Sad lonely spinster makes friends with a little boy in the park, ends up kidnapping him when she learns about how unloved and neglected he is at home.

El Portero Trailer (1950)

08 September 1950

Cantinflas works as a porter, who writes letters and speeches in his old writing machine to earn an extra money, despite the fact that he still goes to school.

La dama del velo Trailer (1949)

01 June 1949

Andrea loves Esteban. Esteban murders his wife and goes go jail. Andrea marries Esteban's lawyer. Twenty years later.

El valor de vivir Trailer (1954)

02 February 1954

Concert pianist unjustly convicted of espionage. On release, he hooks up with a terminally-ill ballerina.

La mujer que no tuvo infancia Trailer (1957)

25 July 1957

Borderline mentally-ill woman with neurotic compulsion to behave like a child and the psychiatrist who looooves her.

Misericordia Trailer (1953)

13 March 1953

Faded rich family has a housekeeper who struggles to keep them fed and comfortable after their fortune disappears; she also sacrifices herself on behalf of sick and disabled friends.

Jesus of Nazareth Trailer (1942)

26 March 1942

The biblical story of The Messiah from his baptism through his crucifixion.

Los bárbaros del norte Trailer (1962)

04 November 1962

Townsfolk expect that when the dead sheriff's son comes home, people will quit doing crimes... but he turns out to be an inept comedian type bozo guy.

Y tú, ¿qué haces? Trailer (1937)

24 January 1937

A war drama/propaganda short film.

Padre nuestro Trailer (1953)

28 October 1953

Pops is dismissed from his banking job for embezzlement, and his family have to adjust to a more modest lifestyle.

Vainilla, bronce y morir (Una mujer más) Trailer (1957)

04 December 1957

Young woman's in love with a poor art student, but her father forces her into a marriage with someone from her own economic stratum.

María Magdalena Trailer (1946)

10 October 1946

The story of Mary Magdalene from being a sinner to follow Jesus Christ.

Rogaciano el huapanguero Trailer (1957)

08 August 1957

Itinerant folk-singer returns to his home town, gets caught in two intersecting love triangles. It ends badly.

Camino del mal Trailer (1957)

21 June 1957

Sucedió en México Trailer (1958)

15 August 1958

Woman has plastic surgery and reevaluates her relationships with husband and lover while pretending to be a different person.

Ángel del silencio Trailer (1979)

10 October 1979

Handicapped day-laborer crushes out on a ranchera singer, then has a chance to save her from ruffians.

La agonía de ser madre Trailer (1970)

15 October 1970

She has an incurable heart condition, her son's a shoplifter, her husband's an alcoholic, her daughter runs away from home.