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Che: Part One Trailer (2008)

05 September 2008

The Argentine, begins as Che and a band of Cuban exiles (led by Fidel Castro) reach the Cuban shore from Mexico in 1956.

El turista Trailer (2016)

06 October 2016

A tourist travels to Atlixco, Puebla and encounters a person who takes him to know the region, but with suspicious intentions.

AMORfo Trailer (2016)

10 June 2016

A young transsexual is a victim of bullying at work, but is then given the opportunity for sweet revenge.

The Railroad Trailer (2015)

18 June 2015

Los Reyes: la verdadera historia del Búster y el Camaleón Trailer (2014)

04 December 2014

Inspired on the true story of drug lord José Figueroa Agosto, commonly known as Junior Cápsula. A Puerto Rican drug convict escapes from jail and flees to Santo Domingo, where he continues his drug business and meets a woman who becomes his lover.

Elite Trailer (2010)

02 September 2010

After 20 years in prison, the most dangerous and powerful drug dealer of the Caribbean manages to escape.

El corillo Trailer (2012)

25 February 2012

Human needs are explored in a group of adolescents who find themselves in a tutorial room in preparation for the university's entrance exam.

The Witness Trailer (2011)

10 November 2011

On what seemed to be a normal day, Chelo, unexpectedly witnesses a murder. In the midst of the chase by the perpetrators, the cops mistake him as the killer.

La carta Trailer (2011)

21 July 2011

An unusually common love story about a boy's search for inspiration to write a love letter.

Taínos: la última tribu Trailer (2005)

25 June 2005

Sara, a young archaeology student, organizes an expedition to La Mora Cave. Guided by Yabey, Sara and her four friends, discover a hidden Taíno tribe, believed to be extinguished 500 years ago.

Actores trabajando Trailer (2005)

03 November 2005

Recreates a kind of reality show that occurs when ambitious director Marco convenes a group of actors for 10 days.

Todos tenemos un ángel Trailer (2005)

06 January 2005

Angélica Nieves, a young woman who is in limbo after her accidental death, must perform three missions to become an angel.

Kamaleón Trailer (2003)

02 January 2003

The underground world of the rave clubbing scene.

Revolución en el infierno Trailer (2004)

13 October 2004

Illustrates the events of the Ponce Massacre through the life of one of the victims, Ulpiano Perea.

Asesinato en primer grado Trailer (1998)

02 January 1998

Selva is a prominent television host and her husband is a successful producer. Together they will embark on the adventure of producing a film, which will mirror their own passions.

Complot Trailer (2000)

18 April 2000

At the dawn of the new milennium, allied nations computer systems could collapse because of the year 2000 (Y2K) bug and be reprogrammed by corrupt Federal Agents via the internet.

Misión: Incomprensible Trailer (2004)

02 January 2004

El callejón de los cuernos Trailer (1998)

02 January 1998

The story of two cousins struggling in the world of drugs and chaos in the neighborhood of La Perla of Old San Juan.

Callando amores Trailer (1996)

02 January 1996

Adapted from the play by Roberto Ramos Perea. Mario, the prodigal son, returns to claim his inheritance, following the mandate of an appearance from the specter of his father.

Miles: la otra historia del 98 Trailer (1998)

02 November 1998

Dramatization of the American invasion in Puerto Rico during 1898.

The Night Toño Bicicleta Appeared Trailer (1997)

01 November 1997

Three couples camping in a Puerto Rican town have an unexpected encounter with a famous criminal, changing their lives forever.

El 7mo ángel Trailer (2000)

29 October 2000

After the fall of Lucifer, seven of the most powerful Angels joined their forces against God and tried to take over the Heavens.