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A Flight of Hope Trailer (1993)

01 March 1993

A comedy narrating the adventures of ten Puerto Ricans looking for a better life. The film centers on an airplane trip to New York during 1960's.

Cauce sin río Trailer (1991)

02 January 1991

Based on Enrique A. Laguerre's novel.

Lovesickness Trailer (2007)

27 April 2007

A three-part look at the ironies of love, with stories that involve a young boy, a hostage situation, and a divorced elderly couple caught in a love triangle.

And God Created Them 2 Trailer (2004)

05 May 2004

Three stories ("Lo mismo de otra manera", "Félix", and "Te tengo una sorpresa") that delve deeply into issues such as human solidarity, infidelity, and social conflicts in contemporary Puerto Rico.

Eva, ¿Qué hace ese hombre en tu cama? Trailer (1975)

24 November 1975

After several years of dreaming about the beautiful girl in a calendar photo, a composer, being overwhelmed by his girlfriend's jealousy, discovers that his next-door neighbor is that girl.

Palmer ha muerto Trailer (1962)

01 February 1962

Palmer is a famous star that accidentally witnesses the murder of the producer of the show he is working in.

...And God Created Them Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Film consisting of five stories: "Dios los cría...", dealing with brothers' rivalry for an inheritance; "Negocio redondo", about a lawyer selling a property to the Catholic church with guilty feelings; "Entre 12 y 1", where a couple and a close friend get trapped in an elevator; "La gran noche", a night in the life of an old prostitute; and "La otra", where a man alternates between two women.

La Charca Trailer (1990)

02 January 1990

Based on Manuel Zeno Gandía's novel about peasant life in late nineteenth-century Puerto Rico.

Eva, ¿Qué hace ese hombre en tu cama? Trailer (1975)

17 October 1975

Mi Vida: La Película Trailer (2005)

02 January 2005

Discover the roots of reggaeton supergroup Wisin and Yandel in this compelling tale of two men with a musical dream.

Parece que fue ayer Trailer (2005)

24 October 2005

Portrays the cultural changes experienced in Puerto Rico since the 1950's until 2000, through the story of a family.

Leyendas de Puerto Rico Trailer (1999)

02 January 1999

A film narrative on Puerto Rican playwright and journalist don Cayetano Coll y Toste. Three of his most famous stories are reenacted: "El Santo Cristo de la Salud", "El Espíritu del Carretero", and "La Garita del Diablo".

Cuentos de Abelardo Trailer (1990)

02 January 1990

A selection of three short stories by Puerto Rican writer Abelardo Díaz Alfaro (“Don Procopio”, “Peyo Mercé enseña inglés”, and “Bagazo”), portraying typical characters of the Puerto Rican social and economic classes in the 1940's.

Viva navidad Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

This musical production completes the trilogy dedicated to Christmas which began in 2004. This musical approach is characterized by the integration of contemporary rhythms such as reggaeton with traditional sounds, leading the viewer to experience new aspects in music.

Yuyo Trailer (1989)

02 January 1989

Based on Miguel Meléndez Muñoz's novel.

Cuentos para despertar Trailer (1998)

02 January 1998

Recreates aspects of the life of Abelardo Díaz Alfaro as a rural teacher in Puerto Rico during 1940's, integrating three of his stories "El josco", "Santa Cló va a la cuchilla", and "Don Fruto Torres".

El tesoro del Yunque Trailer (2001)

17 November 2001

A group of children camp in the yard of their grandmother's house in the outskirts of El Yunque. Plunged into a fantastic collective dream, the children get lost in El Yunque and experience the adventure of finding their way home, as they meet themselves and three magical characters who represent our cultural mix: an indian, a black freed slave, and a Spanish gentleman.

Abelardo Díaz Alfaro: Homenaje Póstumo Trailer (1999)

01 August 1999

Abelardo Díaz Alfaro visits the places that inspired him to write his book "Terrazzo". His life and work is explored through interviews with friends and colleagues.

Retrato de una travesía: Jack Delano Trailer (1997)

02 January 1997

The life and art of Ukrainian-born Puerto Rican photographer and artist Jack Delano.

Más allá del Capitolio Trailer (1962)

01 January 1962

A small town celebrates the triumph of their revolution. Under the euphoria of the moment, the town's founder is declared a traitor and the destruction of his statue is decided by the people.

Palés: reseña de una vida útil Trailer (1995)

02 January 1995

Dramatization of the life of Puerto Rican poet Luis Palés Matos.