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Beginning acting theatre in 2006 with The Court Theatre's stage show of "The Raft", in which he played Liam, Josiah Morgan's profile has gradually been on the rise with local theatre companies and audiences - since then, he has had a prolific output and many challenging roles, everything ranging from The Nutcracker in Canterbury Ballet's production of The Nutcracker or The Genie in Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery's production of Aladdin to the role of John Doe in a self-written and directed short play called Harakiri.

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The Shadow Effect Trailer (2017)

02 May 2017

A young man's life is turned upside down when his violent dreams begin to blend with reality.

Makes U Think: The Jo Morgan Story Trailer (2017)

08 March 2017

A special documentary about the works of Letterboxd community members. This special focuses on Josiah Morgan.

snoooooooooooooozeeeeeeeeee Trailer (2018)

06 June 2018

Found footage film by Josiah Morgan.

Last Moments Trailer (2018)

28 March 2018

A grieving man orders a futuristic headpiece that allows him to see the simulated last moments of a loved one by scanning memories.

Triptych From Napoleon Trailer (2017)

29 May 2017

A digital flicker film following a structure designed inherently within the closing acts of Abel Gance's "Napoleon," Triptych is in many ways a set of questions defined by the nature of nationality and the appropriation of identity - flicker films are mercurially bound to celluloid, and to appropriate this in a digital manner is a crime of its own.

We Shattered The Clouds Trailer (2017)

04 March 2017

c(p(i(e(t(o(y(p)l)e))) burning (setting June on fire) March staring at it, imagining it's a real place, a real city.

They Tried Fixing The Sky Trailer (2017)

06 March 2017

Broken forms, broken words. City moving past its people. Past tense. Last.

The Park Bench Trailer (2015)

04 May 2015

A naive straight teenager falls in love with a gay cheerleader. Entered in the 48 Hours Furious Filmmaking Competition 2015.

The Five and a Half Minute Hallway Trailer (2016)

05 April 2016

a record of a record of a shadow - a memory?

Purgatory High - Masked Trailer (2016)

01 April 2016

A human named Rhea Hawthorne finds herself in the middle of a shit storm between some Angels and Demons in a high school.

Lens Trailer (2015)

07 December 2015

A paradigm caught somewhere between memory and grief.

Harakiri: A Portrait Trailer (2015)

30 June 2015

It became about finding the right person. The kind of girl you don't want your husband staring at across the street.

Aladdin Trailer (2014)

05 December 2014

Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery's 2014 Junior Production of Aladdin.