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Juan Manuel Bernal (born as Juan Manuel Bernal Chávez on December 22, 1967 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal,Mexico), is a Mexican actor known for Capadocia (2008), La habitación azul (2002) and Hasta morir (1994).

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Viva High School Musical: Mexico Trailer (2008)

05 September 2008

Cristobal sees Mariana with new eyes after the summer vacation since both love singing. The mexican version of the Disney musical.

The Big Promise Trailer (2017)

13 March 2017

Sergio, a Mexican photographer, takes an impressive War photograph in Somalia in 1990 causing his late arrival back home missing his daughter’s birth in Los Angeles and his fiancé’s passing.

Blueberry Trailer (2004)

09 February 2004

U.S Marshal Mike Donovan has dark memories of the death of his first love. He keeps peace between the Americans and the natives who had temporarily adopted and taken care of him.

Perfect Obedience Trailer (2014)

02 May 2014

The fictional Father Ángel de la Cruz is based on Legion of Christ founder Marcial Maciel, whose long history of child abuse was not addressed until 2006 and only publicly acknowledged in 2009.

Km 31-2 Trailer (2016)

04 November 2016

A woman is searching for her son who got lost under mysterious circumstances.

Tlatelolco, Summer of 68' Trailer (2013)

19 May 2013

As Mexico prepares to host the 1968 Olympics, students and civilians are uniting on the streets to protest the authoritarian government.

Midaq Alley Trailer (1995)

05 May 1995

Heated tempers, frustrated desires and dashed hopes plague a diverse group of individuals whose lives cross paths in Mexico City.

Tired of Kissing Frogs Trailer (2006)

20 December 2006

A romantic comedy about a young interior decorator who, as a result of a romantic disappointment, becomes the female counterpart of Don Juan.

4 Moons Trailer (2014)

21 March 2014

Four stories about love and self-acceptance: An eleven year-old boy struggles to keep secret the attraction he feels towards his male cousin.

The Blue Room Trailer (2002)

04 May 2002

Without Rhyme or Reason Trailer (2003)

12 June 2003

Orlando (Juan Manuel Bernal) is a neurotic dubbing director of series B that desqui-ta of all your frustrations and anger with their coworkers.

El fantástico mundo de Juan Orol Trailer (2012)

14 September 2012

Mexico’s half-forgotten B-movie master, “involuntary surrealist” Juan Orol (1897–1988), receives a pitch-perfect tribute in this deft, irresistible love letter to a self-made man of showbiz whose career spanned half a century and nearly 60 films.

Cuatro labios Trailer (2006)

10 February 2006

Shot during a three year period, this true story views the separation process of the pop music group OV7 (previously Onda Vaselina), whose seven members worked and shared each other's lives for 15 years, from the age of nine until they turned 24.

Alta Tensión Trailer (1997)

06 June 1997

A retired man that used to work for the National Electricity Company fight with his sons who want to get his money.

Chicogrande Trailer (2010)

28 May 2010

Butch Fenton, major of American army, comes for Villa's head and he's gonna get it. The "Punitive Expedition" proved to be the last major campaign of the U.

The Cinema Hold Up Trailer (2011)

01 May 2011

The story of four teenagers: Negus, Chale, Sapo and Chata. Childhood friends living in public housing in a rundown area of Mexico City, search to trump idleness.

Hasta Morir Trailer (1994)

01 June 1994

A street kid's wish to run away to Tijuana is hampered by lies and betrayal