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The Story of Linda Trailer (1981)

29 May 1981

Betsy Norman is a happy assistant at a luxurious Spanish hotel. Shiela, the hotel owner, caters for all wishes of her clientele with another lucrative business, the brothel "Rio Amore" where clients from all over the world come to relax with the girls and watch the sado-masochistic shows.

Wicked Memoirs of Eugenie Trailer (1980)

01 July 1980

Eugenie is the capricious daughter of a rich diplomat, living in a seaside resort in Spain. She exhibits her young and splendid body in the beach and night-clubs.

Bloody Moon Trailer (1981)

27 March 1981

Miguel, a horribly disfigured young man, goes on a rampage at a masquerade party and rapes and then mutilates a girl.

Cola, Candy, Chocolate Trailer (1979)

16 May 1979

After a nasty argument with her boyfriend Carl, young Gaby spontaneously accepts her girlfriend invitation to join her on a vacation to Manila.

The Voyeur and the Exhibitionist Trailer (1986)

28 April 1986

A man, obsessed with sex, is dedicated to spying on women as they make love. 'The Voyeur and the Exhibitionist' forms part of the 10 films made by Jesus Franco at the dawn of the Spanish X cinema with very few resources, lots of imagination and a roster of enthusiastic actors and technicians who became pioneers of the genre.

Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada Trailer (1981)

18 May 1981

Lillian, the Perverted Virgin Trailer (1983)

25 June 1983

A runaway girl is kidnapped by a gang of wealthy sadists and turned into their drug-addicted sex slave.

Bahía blanca Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

Pocho Martin's body is found dead on the shore of a fishing village. According to the forensic Ramiro, Pocho has been assassinated, which alerts the Commissioner Carlos (Mayans).

Un pito para tres Trailer (1985)

08 July 1985

Slave of Crime Trailer (1987)

07 September 1987

Tsai Chin, the daughter of the infamous Fu Manchu, controls a large empire of vice in her part of the Far East.

Black Boots, Whip of Leather Trailer (1983)

24 January 1983

Al Pereira is hired by Lina, the wife of a wealthy man, to recover some compromising photos. She has sex with him by way of a retainer.

A Crack for Two Trailer (1984)

01 August 1984

Secret agents against spies who hide microfilm up their behinds.