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In the Name of My Daughter Trailer (2014)

21 May 2014

In 1976 in Nice, Agnes, the daughter of the owner of the Palais de la Méditerranée, falls in love with an older lawyer.

Beautiful Lies Trailer (2010)

08 December 2010

A hairdresser forwards a passionate love letter to her widowed mother.

Versailles Trailer (2008)

19 May 2008

A young mother Nina and her son Enzo find themselves sleeping on the streets of Paris. Eventually there lifestyle leads them to Versailles.

The Princess of Montpensier Trailer (2010)

03 November 2010

Set in the high courts of 16th Century France, where the wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants are raging.

Camille Rewinds Trailer (2012)

12 September 2012

Camille was only sixteen and still in high school when she fell in love with Eric, another student. They later married and a child and were happy for a while.

A Woman's Life Trailer (2016)

23 November 2016

Normandy, 1819. Jeanne is a young woman full of childish dreams and innocence when she returns home after finishing her schooling in a convent.

This Summer Feeling Trailer (2015)

11 October 2015

Sasha, a French woman of thirty, dies suddenly in Berlin. Her Fiancé, Lawrence, and her sister Zoé, must come to terms as the consequences of this shock set in.

Hellphone Trailer (2007)

28 March 2007

A teenager feels an endless fascination for his cellular which will enable him to reach his aim: alluring the pretty high-school girl he's in love with.

Le Sens de la fête Trailer (2017)

04 October 2017

Le boeuf clandestin Trailer (2013)

16 November 2013

Je suis un no man's land Trailer (2011)

26 January 2011

Tout est permis Trailer (2014)

07 March 2014

Atlit Trailer (2015)

21 January 2015

In October 1995 three French sisters gather in Atlit, Israel to sell the family home. Tensions arise between elders Darel and Cali when Darel proves unwilling to sell.

Miroir mon amour Trailer (2012)

12 October 2012

The story starts where the tale ends: Snow White wakes up to the age of sexuality and discovers a world where the dwarves have become tall, and her Prince Charming is deprived of charisma.

15 jours ailleurs Trailer (2013)

09 October 2013

Le petit chaperon rouge Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Delphine is twenty years old. She is too young to have experienced the activism of the seventies, but for her it is not something that belongs to the past.