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Road to Nowhere Trailer (1993)

04 July 1993

An escaped convict goes on the run with his younger, mentally fragile sister of whom is he insanely possessive.

Moonchild Trailer (1989)

08 September 1989

A young woman takes a position as an assistant to an author in a sleepy English village not realizing that she will become embroiled in a complex plot involving madness and murder.

Nekros Trailer (2015)

24 January 2015

The end of the tourist season on the beautiful island of Nekros turns into a nightmare for tour rep Ellie after a series of gruesome murders.

Zk3 Trailer (2013)

20 January 2013

A respected journalist manages to obtain an interview with a reclusive author. But as the interview progresses, the reality between the writer's latest novel and the world around her begin to blur.

Second Sight Trailer (1991)

30 October 1991

A famous novelist moves to a quiet country cottage with his new wife Vicki and attempts to settle into a relaxed lifestyle.

Skare Trailer (2007)

30 May 2007

Meet Martha Tennant. She has made a healthy profit and a respected business from the delicious food she provides for the country club.

The Rite of Spring Trailer (1995)

21 March 1995

A young woman with powerful psychic abilities sets in motion prophecies that could signal the end of man.

Atlantis Trailer (1990)

23 September 1990

When a raiding party from the city of Atlantis kidnaps a man and his two daughters for slavery, he contrives to bring about the destruction of the ruling class utilizing the powers of the mysterious crystal child.