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XXL Trailer (2004)

23 August 2004

Fali (Oscar Jaenada) has been blessed with an ample gift below the belt. But his extra-large asset ends up getting him into trouble when he agrees to help his friend (Antonio Dechent) get rid of his annoying lover and save his marriage.

De tripas corazón Trailer (1985)

28 February 1985

In Madrid, a Lawyer gets the freedom for "El Chirlo" a usual 20 years old crook. Chirlo wants to thank Jaime, his lawyer, the defense and treat him for a meal with Rocio, Jaime's girlfriend.

XXL Una comedia de grandes proporciones Trailer (2004)

24 August 2004

The Elephant and The Bicycle Trailer (1994)

01 December 1994

After two years in jail, El Isleño returns to the island of La Fe, ruled by the dictator Francisco Gavilán.

Sal gorda Trailer (1984)

06 February 1984

A famous composer creative in crisis and must compose a new album, but is going through a painful separation that prevents him from concentrating.

Moon of Wolves Trailer (1987)

28 May 1987

This is movie is about the story of the people who keep on fighting after the Spanish Civil War were officially finished.