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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Trailer (2005)

14 July 2005

Two years have passed since the final battle with Sephiroth. Though Midgar, city of mako, city of prosperity, has been reduced to ruins, its people slowly but steadily walk the road to reconstruction.

Himizu Trailer (2011)

06 September 2011

Two teenagers and a group of people made homeless by a tsunami try and make their way in a devastaten

Sweet Rain: Accuracy of Death Trailer (2008)

22 April 2008

Chiba appears seven days before a person dies an unexpected death. His job is to observe the person for seven days then decide either to ‘execute’ or ‘pass over’.

Crying 100 Times - Every Raindrop Falls Trailer (2013)

22 July 2013

Shuichi (Tadayoshi Okura) had a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. Because of the accident, he lost the last year of his memory.

Shinjuku Swan Trailer (2015)

30 May 2015

Shiratori Tatsuhiko works as a scout for Burst, a talent agency in Kabukichō, Shinjuku's red light district.

The Land of Hope Trailer (2012)

20 October 2012

An old couple, their only son, the son's wife, a young man and his lover live peacefully in a village.

Zen Trailer (2009)

10 January 2009

In the early 1200s, Dogen brought Chinese Zen philosophy to Japan, and established the Japanese Zen sect of Buddhism.

L'amant Trailer (2004)

05 February 2004

When three older men buy a 17-year-old schoolgirl named Chikako (Ando Nozomi) for a year's-worth of sexual services -- her motivation, aside from money, is never explained -- the relationships among the men (whom she calls A.

Shinjuku Swan II Trailer (2017)

21 January 2017

Kabukicho Love Hotel Trailer (2014)

07 September 2014

This erotically charged drama from Japanese director Ryuichi Hiroki (Vibrator) traces the intersecting stories of a group of employees and visitors at a notorious "love hotel" in Tokyo's red-light district.

Gemini Trailer (1999)

15 September 1999

A successful doctor, Yukio's picture perfect life is gradually wrecked, and taken over by his avenging twin brother, who bumps off his family members one by one and reclaims his lover who is now Yukio's wife.

Grasshopper Trailer (2015)

07 November 2015

Movie contains the stories of three people: Suzuki (Toma Ikuta), Kujira (Tadanobu Asano) and Semi (Ryosuke Yamada).

Ritual Trailer (2000)

07 December 2000

A disillusioned filmmaker has an encounter with a young girl who has a ritual of repeating "Tomorrow is my birthday" everyday.

Cutie Honey Trailer (2004)

29 May 2004

When Honey's uncle gets kidnapped by the evil criminal gang known as "Panther Claw," she must use her magical powers of transformation (fueled by love) to save him.

The Sun Trailer (2016)

23 April 2016

The story is set in the early 21st century with the population decimated by bio terror. Two kinds of humans now exist.

Red Shadow Trailer (2001)

11 August 2001

The secret warriors of feudal Japan were the Ninja. Sent on impossible missions, the Ninja were trained to work in shadows, gather information and defeat the enemy to build a world of peace.

Isn't Anyone Alive? Trailer (2012)

18 February 2012

Set in a university campus attached to a hospital, "Ikiterumono wa Inainoka" revolves around a girl who escapes from the hospital, a strange man, students who talk about an urban legend, students involved in a love triangle, coffee shop workers, men who witnessed an accident, an otolaryngologist who has a crush on a hospital employee, idol university students, a mother who looks for a child and suddenly the characters disappear.

Vibrator Trailer (2003)

06 December 2003

Rei is a freelance writer embattled by personal demons. We first meet her in a convenience store where she is buying too much alcohol and not enough food.

Blazing Famiglia Trailer (2012)

08 September 2012

"Blazing Famiglia" centers around a family of former teenage gangsters. Tetsu Hino (Yoshimi Tokui) was once the leader of the most feared motorcycle gang in the Kanto area.

Nanayo Trailer (2008)

01 November 2008

A young woman leaves her job and lover in Japan to start a new life in Thailand.

Still the Water Trailer (2014)

01 June 2014

Taking place during the full-moon night of traditional dances in August and set on the Japanese island of Amami-Oshima, the drama centers on a 14-year-old boy who finds a dead body floating in the sea.

Three☆Points Trailer (2011)

14 May 2011

Three stories, depicted in three different styles, unfold in three locations: "Kyoto", a lyrical improvised drama based on documentar y footage following local rappers, which is blended with fiction; "Okinawa", a documentary about intriguing characters who Yamamoto met by chance; and " Tokyo", an otherworldly love story about a man dealing with loss who drifts through life, and a woman who pretends to be his deceased wife.

Yakuza Weapon Trailer (2011)

27 February 2011

After four years overseas, Shozo returns to Japan to avenge his yakuza boss who was assassinated by his own treacherous top man, Kurawaki.

The Furthest End Awaits Trailer (2014)

29 September 2014

Set at the edge of the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, with its beautiful scenic views, the film revolves around two women from different backgrounds who develop a friendship, and how they begin to influence and change each other’s lives.

69 Trailer (2004)

10 July 2004

Hoping to catch a girl's attention, high school students Ken (Tsumabuki Satoshi) and Adama (Ando Masanobu) cook up an ambitious plan.

Oh! Father Trailer (2014)

24 May 2014

Yukio is a typical high school student in every way except that he's an only child in a family of five.

The Voice of Water Trailer (2014)

30 August 2014

A sect is threatened to fall apart, when its leader, a young korean woman, develops doubts regarding her alleged psychic powers.

That's It Trailer (2015)

27 May 2015

Samao Daikoku’s (Shota Sometani) family register was taken which keeps him from escaping the underground life that he has led.

The Lightning Tree Trailer (2010)

22 October 2010

Set during the Edo Period, a young man from a noble family meets a young woman under a special tree called "Raiou" (the tree was struck by lightning at one time with the broken part eventually sprouting out cherry blossoms).

A Road Stained Crimson Trailer (2012)

13 October 2012

Professional killer Ken (Hirofumi Arai) is trying to break away from the yakuza. Taking up work at a local motorcycle shop, he forges a new life under the motherly eye of Yoko (Jun Fubuki), an older woman who owns the shop.

Out of This World Trailer (2004)

07 February 2004

Five young musicians, each harboring painful memories, are assembled to entertain American soldiers at an Enlisted Men's Club.

Colors Trailer (2006)

15 July 2006

Chokorietta Trailer (2014)

24 October 2014

Chiyoko’s mother died when she was young. Since that time, Chiyoko has closed her heart to others. After her pet dies, Chiyoko feels loneliness.

Bounce Ko Gals Trailer (1997)

18 October 1997

Filmed somewhat in documentary style, it follows three girls over the span of one day and night in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

Blue Trailer (2002)

09 September 2002

An introverted schoolgirl falls in love and starts a relationship with one of her classmates. Set in a small seaside town in Japan, the love of her life eventually leaves her for her boyfriend in Tokyo.

Heaven's Story Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

A senseless double murder resonates eight years later in four intertwined stories.

A Woman and War Trailer (2013)

27 April 2013

Set towards the end of World War II, Nomura (Masatoshi Nagase) is a writer who is in despair. A woman works in bar and is a former prostitute.

Shanti Days 365 Days, Happy Breath Trailer (2014)

25 October 2014

21-year-old Misora Honzawa (Mugi Kadowaki) went to Tokyo from Aomori. Misora Honzawa happens to see Kumi (Jessica Michibata) on TV who is a yoga Instructor and model.

I Am an S+M Writer Trailer (2000)

02 September 2000

Kurosaki (Ren Osugi) is an erotic novelist who uses his editor and a hired model to act out scenarios in his living room he will use for inspiration in his writing.

Border Line Trailer (2003)

28 June 2003

Three storylines interweave in Border Line. Kurosawa (Murakami Jun) finds himself driving a taciturn young man named Matsuda (Sawaki Tetsu) halfway to Hokkaido, after accidentally knocking him off his bike; their fragile bond can last only so long.

Touching the Skin of Eeriness Trailer (2013)

22 September 2013

After the death of his father, Chihiro goes to live with his older half-brother Togo and his girlfriend Satomi.

Our Homeland Trailer (2012)

01 July 2012

From the late 50s and into the 70s, more than 90,000 of the Koreans resident in Japan emigrated to North Korea, a country that promised them affluence, justice and an end to discrimination.

The Happiness Trailer (2006)

23 November 2006

the story of a vagrant (Ishibashi) who arrives in a town in Hokkaido. With only a threadbare suit, an old pair of sneakers and a bag containing all his worldly possessions the proprietors of a local convenince store (played by Jun Murakami and Akemi Sakurai) taske pity on the man and bring him in.

Noriben - The Recipe for Fortune Trailer (2009)

26 September 2009

Komaki is a thirty-something woman that has had it with her perpetually unemployed aspiring writer husband.

Counterfeit Trailer (2009)

22 March 2009

"Nisesatsu" (literal title counterfeit money) concerns a counterfeiting ring that was active in Yamanashi Prefecture after the end of WW II.

Sketches of Kaitan City Trailer (2010)

18 December 2010

The seaside city of Kaitan is not a happy place – the shipyard is downsizing due to poor economic conditions, and the city's residents are about to face another harsh northern winter.

Hotel Hibiscus Trailer (2002)

28 October 2002

Hotel Hibiscus is the story of one very young energetic girl named Mieko and her internatioanl family who live in Okinawa.

The Egoists Trailer (2011)

04 June 2011

Kazu (Kengo Kora) lives in the Kabukicho entertainment district in Shinjuku, Tokyo. After falling into debt from gambling, he gets an offer from yakuza Ito (Jun Murakami) to trash the night club "New World" and his debt would be paid off.

Into a Dream Trailer (2005)

11 June 2005

Low-profile theater troop actor Mutsugoro Suzuki begins an oneiric journey back to his hometown, marked by his quest to find the one responsible of infecting him with a STD.

Nabbie's Love Trailer (1999)

04 December 1999

The film tells the story of a small community on a small island in Okinawa, Japan. Especially it focusses on the story of a grandma named Nabbie, but although it's her story told in the film's centre there are some young people, the grand-daughter of Nabbie and a young Japanese who just came to visit the little island.

Age 17 Trailer (2003)

21 June 2003

Desire Trailer (2005)

19 November 2005

Yokubo from director Tetsuo Shinohara is based off of the award-winning love story by Mariko Koike. A young man searching for physical comfort and dumb lust, and the world-weary woman drowning in a sea of men that works with him.

Have a Nice Day Trailer (2006)

21 October 2006

Compilation film featuring short works from directors Hitoshi Yasaki ("Short Cakes"), Yuki Tanada (scriptwriter "Sakuran," "Tsuki to Cherry"), Hiroyuki Nakano ("Stereo Future," "Samurai Fiction"), Masahiko Nagasawa ("Yoru no Picnic"), Masaya Kakehi ("Bijokan), and more for a total of 18 shorts.

Zoo Trailer (2005)

19 March 2005

Five different directors adapt the works of Japanese author Otsuichi in this collection of unconventional live-action and animated shorts.

Desert Moon Trailer (2001)

19 June 2001

The film's main theme is the conflict between work and family commitments in modern Japan. It focuses on a successful internet entrepreneur Nagai, whose wife Akira and young daughter Kaai left him because he neglected them for his business.

Stereo Future Trailer (2001)

05 June 2001

Keisuke, an aspiring samurai-movie actor lands a major role in a new film, but must contend with a director who has nothing but scorn for him, but who continually fawns over the film's obnoxious ham of a star.

Hysteric Trailer (2000)

07 May 2000

In this startling psychological thriller from Japan, Mami (Hijiri Kojima) is a teacher who meets Tomo (Koji Chihara), a psychotic criminal with a short temper and no visible means of support.