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Aegis Trailer (2005)

30 July 2005

The Isokaze, an Aegis-class escort vessel, sets sail on a routine training exercise, playing host to a platoon from the Fleet Training Group.

The Human Trust Trailer (2013)

19 October 2013

Yuichi Mafune is known as a finance broker, but he's actually a conman. One day, two men show up in front of Yuichi.

Children of the Dark Trailer (2008)

02 August 2008

A Middle-aged Japanese ex-pat journalist investigates child organ trafficking in Thailand and he uncovers a sinister network.

Someday Trailer (2011)

16 July 2011

The annual kabuki show is the main attraction in a rural Japanese mountain town. However, Yoshi's life is thrown into disarray days before the performance when his estranged wife and former best friend arrive back in town.

Chameleon Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

Keiko who leads a lonely life as a fortune teller on the streets meets Goro, a leader of the con-artists.

The Projects Trailer (2016)

04 June 2016

Whether it's someone mixing burnables and recyclables or noise from a neighbor's domestic spat, there's always something occupying the residents of a housing project in the suburbs of Osaka.

A Chorus of Angels Trailer (2012)

03 November 2012

A teacher, Kawashima Haru, arrives on a remote island, north of Hokkaido. She has accompanied her husband, Yukio, to become the teacher of six students.

Out of This World Trailer (2004)

07 February 2004

Five young musicians, each harboring painful memories, are assembled to entertain American soldiers at an Enlisted Men's Club.

KT Trailer (2002)

03 May 2002

This movie is a political/espionage thriller, based on a real kidnapping incident of Korean politician, Kim Dae-Jun.

Zatoichi: The Last Trailer (2010)

29 May 2010

A blind master swordsman attempts to lead a quiet life with his wife but he is provoked back into battle.

Awakening Trailer (2007)

27 January 2007

After the unexpected death of her husband a new life begins for Toshiko. 30 years of a happy marriage seem to suddenly vanish as she finds out that her husband had lived a double life.

Face Trailer (2000)

12 August 2000

'Face' is a fascinating and difficult to categorize movie. Naomi Fujiyama gives an impressive performance (her movie debut) as the frumpy, clumsy and socially retarded Masako who one day strangles the pretty sister who loves to torment her.

Tokarefu Trailer (1994)

05 March 1994

A school bus driver's child is kidnapped and murdered. He then devotes his life to tracking down and killing the perpetrators using a gun that he happened to find under a vending machine.

The Goofball Trailer (1998)

27 June 1998

Hisashi gets fired from his temp job due to his impulsiveness. One day he meets Chikako, a housewife who constantly shoplifts at the supermarket he regularly goes.

Strangers in the City Trailer (2010)

20 November 2010

Former high school teacher Kazuo Hatano (Toru Nakamura) reunites 12 years later with Masako Tezuka (Manami Konishi).

My House Trailer (2003)

12 April 2003

A young Japanese boy's life is changed when his sister returns to the small island, full of eccentric characters, where he lives.

Knockout Trailer (1989)

11 November 1989

A Japanese boxer stages a dramatic and dangerous comeback after suffering brain damage in the ring.

An Angel with Many Scars Trailer (1997)

19 April 1997

An odd journey starts as Mitsuru, a private detective, and a boy, whom a dying mobster entrusts to him, decide to go to northern Japan in search of the boy’s mother, and the detective’s buddy Hisashi joins them later.

Another Battle Trailer (2000)

25 November 2000

While the film is a remake of the original Battles Without Honor and Humanity series, it has no direct similarities.