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Good bye, Lenin! Trailer (2003)

09 February 2003

An affectionate and refreshing East/West-Germany comedy about a boy who’s mother was in a coma while the Berlin wall fell and when she wakes up he must try to keep her from learning what happen (since she was an avid communist supporter) to avoid shocking her which could lead to another heart attack.

Wickie the Viking Trailer (2009)

09 September 2009

Vicky is a viking-boy who lives with his parents Halvar and Ylva in the small village Flake. He is a typical viking boy, but rather fearful.

The Wave Trailer (2008)

11 March 2008

A school teacher discusses types of government with his class. His students find it too boring to repeatedly go over national socialism and believe that dictatorship cannot be established in modern Germany.

A Friend of Mine Trailer (2006)

05 October 2006

An introverted insurance executive at a car rental service is annoyed by his hyperactive, garrulous coworker, but the two end up becoming friends.

Windstorm 2 Trailer (2015)

14 May 2015

Summer vacation. Mika is overjoyed to see Ostwind again. But then she discovers strange wounds on the belly of Ostwind, for which no one has an explanation.

Barefoot Trailer (2005)

30 March 2005

A hedonistic bachelor, falls for an escaped mental patient. Til Schweiger comes up with a slickly-made off-the-wall romantic comedy drama "Barfuss" (Barefoot), his first solo directing effort in nearly a decade.

Windstorm Trailer (2013)

21 March 2013

While spending the summer at her grandmother's farm, a girl (Hanna Höppner) discovers a talent for communicating with horses and tries to tame a fierce stallion.

Stereo Trailer (2014)

15 May 2014

Erik has is own motorbike workshop in a sleepy little town. He may have the telling word ‘scoundrel’ tattooed onto his lower arm but he nonetheless creates an impression of a well-behaved average Joe.

Rabbit Without Ears Trailer (2007)

01 December 2007

Rainbow press reporter Ludo is sentenced to 8 months, but is released on probation. But he has to work 300 hours for a local daycare center and meets Anna who has unfinished business with him.

Smilla's Sense of Snow Trailer (1997)

13 February 1997

Smilla Jaspersen, half Danish, half Greenlander, attempts to understand the death of a small boy who falls from the roof of her apartment building.

Winnetou: Eine neue Welt Trailer (2016)

25 December 2016

A western directed by Philipp Stölzl.

Emil and the Detectives Trailer (2001)

22 February 2001

The twelve-year-old Emil and his father are haunted by bad luck. To take a break from a series of family disasters, Emil is allowed to spend a few days with a friend of the family, the female priest Hummel in Berlin.

Where Is Fred? Trailer (2006)

15 November 2006

In order to catch a basketball from the favorite team of his girlfriend's spoiled son, Fred poses as a numb, wheelchair-bound fan.

Hotel Adlon - A Family Saga Trailer (2013)

05 January 2013

A three-part German mini-series about the luxury hotel in Berlin.

Tour de Force Trailer (2014)

09 August 2014

Belgium, of all places. What's Belgium got besides chocolates and fries? No matter, this year it was Hannes' and Kiki's turn to choose the destination of their annual bike tour with their closest friends.

Gravity Trailer (2010)

24 March 2010

The story of a seemingly settled bank employee who breaks the shackles of his everyday life and becomes a wanderer between worlds.

The Coming Days Trailer (2010)

04 November 2010

Welcome to 2020: The European Union has collapsed following the fourth Gulf War and massive barricades keep illegal immigrants out of cities that are barely functioning.

Naked Trailer (2002)

02 September 2002

Nackt is the story of three couples, one of which just broke up, one that seems to be about to and one perfectly okay.

Treasure Island Trailer (2007)

26 November 2007

A terrible storm is raging the night it all begins - with a knock on the door. 17-year-old Jim Hawkins helps his widowed mother run their little tavern on the coast of 19th century England.

Wolfskinder Trailer (2013)

28 August 2013

The story of a boy who, driven by the search for his lost brother in the turmoil of WWII, joins a group of children in order to survive the chaos of post-war anarchy in the haunted forests of Lithuania.

Life Is All You Get Trailer (1997)

20 March 1997

After he loses his job, his father, and his girlfriend, Jan's life is a shambles. Then suddenly he meets freakish street musician Vera, and a bittersweet romance unfolds.

Reichshauptstadt privat Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Gut zu Vögeln Trailer (2016)

14 January 2016

After her fiancee cancels the wedding, Merlin's life changes drastically when she moves in with one of her brother's best friends.

Rosenstraße Trailer (2003)

18 September 2003

When Ruth's husband dies in New York, in 2000, she imposes strict Jewish mourning, which puzzles her children.

Quellen des Lebens Trailer (2013)

14 February 2013

Story of an excentric family in post-war Germany.

Mercy Trailer (2012)

18 October 2012

A German couple, Niels and Maria, and their teenage son Markus move to the Norwegian coastal town of Hammerfest, hoping for a new beginning in the land of endless twilight.

Hotel Lux Trailer (2011)

27 October 2011

In 1938 Hans Zeisig, an apolitical comedian, impersonator and cabaret actor, flees with a Russian passport (instead of American, which he would have preferred) from Nazi-Berlin, and finds himself in the legendary Hotel Lux, the 'lost paradise' of the Comintern, in Moscow.

Männersache Trailer (2009)

19 March 2009

No overview found.

Ejaculation Trailer (2014)

18 September 2014

A comedy centered on a sexually adventurous young woman who is trying to be the perfect wife, mother, and lover.

Sass Trailer (2001)

27 September 2001

No overview found.

Kleine Haie Trailer (1992)

03 September 1992

No overview found.

Emma's Bliss Trailer (2006)

16 July 2006

Upon being informed that he is fatally ill with cancer, Max, who works at a used car store, steals money which his boss has gained through illegal means.

Familie! Trailer (2016)

12 October 2016

The Free Will Trailer (2006)

23 August 2006

After nine years in psychiatric detention Theo, who has brutally assaulted and raped three women, is released.

Duell in der Nacht Trailer (2008)

07 January 2008

No overview found.

Hexe Lillis eingesacktes Weihnachtsfest Trailer (2017)

09 November 2017

Vertraue mir Trailer (2016)

06 June 2016

Die Stunde des Wolfes Trailer (2011)

06 June 2011

Le sourire du clown Trailer (1999)

21 July 1999

A clown from Romania (Ticky Holgado) has more than amusing tricks for children on his mind -- he has in his possession a computer disc with information wanted by the police, several organized crime figures and the European Agency for Atomic Energy.

TKKG - The Secret of the Mysterious Mind Machine Trailer (2006)

28 September 2006

Der weisse Äthiopier Trailer (2015)

03 July 2015

My Name Is Bach Trailer (2004)

08 April 2004

Brilliant composer and organist Johann Sebastian Bach completes the long journey from his home in Leipzig to Potsdam.

12 Winter Trailer (2009)

01 May 2009

Based on one of the most spectacular series of bank robberies in Germany, Zwölf Winter tells the story of Klaus and Mike, two criminals who became friends in prison.

Transit Trailer (2010)

29 June 2010

Fette Welt Trailer (1999)

28 January 1999

Tod einer Polizistin Trailer (2012)

03 October 2012

Die Flut ist pünktlich Trailer (2014)

24 February 2014

A corpse is washed up on the beach of the North Sea. The deceased is Alexander, husband of the beautiful Bettina.

Paula's Secret Trailer (2007)

12 September 2007

This is Love Trailer (2009)

20 September 2009

Set in Vietnam and Germany, This Is Love centers on Chris and the nine-year-old Jenjira on the run from the mafia.

Die Lebenden und die Toten Trailer (2013)

01 January 2013

Novemberkatzen Trailer (1986)

30 September 1986

Spur der Hoffnung Trailer (2006)

07 October 2006

A dinghy drifts ashore on some forsaken beach. Its passenger is a Sri Lankan boy. Ben, a former Stasi-prisoner, saves and decides to hide him.

Durst Trailer (1993)

02 December 1993

Living and loving in a small village in the south of Germany. People and their conflicts with morality, manners, and society.

Tod in Istanbul Trailer (2011)

27 February 2011

Boxhagener Platz Trailer (2010)

04 March 2010

Feature adaptation of adaptation of Torsten Schulz's novel set in East Berlin in 1968.

Die Kirschenkönigin Trailer (2004)

05 November 2004

Keine Lieder über Liebe Trailer (2005)

26 October 2005

No overview found.

Der Pirat Trailer (1998)

06 February 1998

No overview found.

Alte Freunde Trailer (2008)

18 February 2008

Das Phantom Trailer (2000)

04 May 2000

After the partner of a policeman is killed he is drawn into a mysterious plot of conspiracy and terrorists.