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The Phantom on Horseback Trailer (1976)

24 February 1976

A ghost is haunting Lubló: Kaszparek Mihály, trader of wines, does not refrain from haunting his native town even in broad daylight.

The Murderer is in the House Trailer (1971)

14 January 1971

A murder has been committed in a block of flats in Pest. Almost all the dwellers of the building behave in a suspicious way at the beginning of the investigation, although it is their everyday lapses they try to hide.

The Witness Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Known as the best satire about communism, banned for over a decade in Hungary. 'The Witness' has become a cult classic, well received by critics and general audiences when it was finally released outside of Hungary.

A Journey Around My Skull Trailer (1970)

08 July 1970

The film is a story of a double journey. The main character of the first journey is the author himself, who, while sitting in his customary café, suddenly realises that he has hallucinations.

The Red Countess Trailer (1984)

12 August 1984

The plot of the film starts at the beginning of the century, in the heyday of the Andrássy and Károlyi families, during the ever increasing crisis of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and ends with the emigration of the Károlyi couple after the collapse of the 1918-19 revolutions.

Outbreak Trailer (1970)

13 August 1970

The main character of this film reminiscent of political writing is Laci, the young and ambitious factory worker.

What's the Time, Mr. Clock? Trailer (1985)

14 August 1985

Even without a clock, the watch-maker of the small country town always knows the exact time to the second, and for this reason he came to be called Mr.

Season of Monsters Trailer (1987)

15 September 1987

Zoltai (Andras Balint) is a Hungarian professor who returns home after a visit to the United States. Following a television interview, he commits suicide and leaves a note for his longtime friend Dr.

A Mad Night Trailer (1970)

22 August 1970

The grotesque comedy with crime elements takes place in a grocery store.

Villa Negra Trailer (1963)

21 September 1963

A past world is revived in the little cottage in the outskirts, next to the housing blocks under construction.

6:3, Play It Again Tutti Trailer (1999)

11 February 1999

The makers, especially Péter Tímár wanted to invoke the atmosphere of the communist dictatorship of Rákosi era lasted from 1947 to 1956.

Abhorrence Trailer (1965)

02 March 1965

Nelli, the icy, introverted farm girl, needs to find a husband following her father's death. She accepts the attentions of the noisy Takaró Sanyi, although she is more attracted to his silent and modest younger brother.

Ég veled! Trailer (2005)

03 November 2005

Knight of the TV-screen Trailer (1970)

04 January 1970

This mocking criticism of public life and the media focuses on a TV series. The protagonist of the film, depicting the battles fought for Hungarian castles during the Ottoman occupation, is chosen to be the amateur Prohászka Feri, a worker in the beer-factory.

Zsaruvér és Csigavér II.: Több tonna kámfor Trailer (2002)

13 December 2002

A Fragrant Way to Pass Away Trailer (1974)

08 March 1974

Noé bárkája Trailer (2007)

01 March 2007

Noah's Ark .

Temperate Zone Trailer (1970)

18 August 1970

Kalán Imre, the district doctor lives in a small village surrounded by mountains. One day he is visited by two young relatives of his and their friend, a doctor at the beginning of his career.

2x2 néha 5 Trailer (1954)

28 March 1954

Smouldering Cigarette Trailer (2001)

14 August 2001

1942. Owing to a stolen mink coat, Süti, the young poet and journalist, gets acquainted with Katalin, the idolated singer.

Zsaruvér és Csigavér I.: A királyné nyakéke Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

Spiral Staircase Trailer (1957)

22 August 1957

The film is an interpretation of everyday life and privacy as well as the first love-triangle story after 1945.

Csutak és a szürke ló Trailer (1961)

27 October 1961

A House of Cards Trailer (1967)

14 January 1967

Barta has been investigating for a year in the murder case of a professor of medicine. Keller, the victim, has been shot dead in his own villa.

A három testőr Afrikában Trailer (1996)

12 April 1996

The Three Musketeers in Africa is a novel written by a Hungarian novelist Jenő Rejtő with the penname P.

Red-Letter Days Trailer (1967)

05 June 1967

Mihály, a retired foundryman has brought up his sons in a very disciplined and strict way, and as a result they have become a doctor, an engineer, and a teacher.

Witness Again Trailer (1995)

02 February 1995

The Witness (Hungarian: A tanú, also known as Without A Trace), is a 1969 Hungarian satire film, directed by Péter Bacsó.

Sparrows Are Birds Too Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

A comedy about two twin brothers - Sándor, who emigrated and became a rich man, and Zoltán, who stayed in Hungary and lives the life of an average working-class man.

Oh, These Young People! Trailer (1967)

28 February 1967

Laci is facing maturation and he wants to work, but his intellectual parents want him to be at the university.

The Fake "Isabella" Trailer (1968)

05 June 1968

Végh Márta, the teacher is looking for her student Vadász Ica in the Buda villa, but she only finds the tenant, Mrs.

Volley for a Black Buffalo Trailer (1985)

16 May 1985

During the years following World War II, a new boy arrives to class 7/c, and the audience learns to know the lives of the drunkard teacher, his husband-cheating wife, the lonely music teacher hiding behind her paper flowers, the wise count deprived of all his properties, the jovial parish priest and especially the buffalo owner of tragic fate who lost his four daughters, alongside with the young protagonist.

Ámbár tanár úr Trailer (1998)

10 December 1998

The Master Criminal Trailer (1969)

05 September 1969

Lohmann's son is kidnapped. The un-known kidnappers get a thirty-thousand-jewel from the West German millionaire as ransom.

A Simple Love Trailer (1960)

12 August 1960

Vera gets acquainted with Imre on a tram. Later, she learns that he is the brother of one of her pupils.

Bogáncs Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Miss Windbag Trailer (1963)

19 September 1963

Éva, the pretty housekeeper is preparing to take an entrance exam at the Faculty of Law. In addition to this, she also has energy to arrange the day-to-day matters of the committee of tenants.

A beszélő köntös Trailer (1969)

09 June 1969

The Fanatics Trailer (1961)

12 August 1961

Bene, tired of the professional battles of engineers and trying to escape a ship-wrecked marriage, asks to be transferred to the country.

Dani Trailer (1957)

19 February 1957

Dani, the few-month-old little boy born outside marriage is left by Eszter in the lap of her companion on the train.

Dandin György, avagy a megcsúfolt férj Trailer (1955)

01 December 1955

A Pianino in Mid-Air Trailer (1976)

13 August 1976

Kicsi Dániel, the young virtuoso pianist gets a separate apartment in the ten-storey block of flats.

Jó estét nyár, jó estét szerelem Trailer (1972)

09 February 1972

It's Me, Jerome Trailer (1970)

21 September 1970

The main characters of this satiric story poking fun at domestic labour ethic are two cleaners of the mains.

The Pregnant Papa Trailer (1989)

03 August 1989

In the small village of Rátót, every male is called Béla. When a woman gives birth to her child, she names him Józsi.

The House-Warming Trailer (1983)

12 August 1983

The elite of political and business life of the country town gather to celebrate the namesday of László in the luxury villa.

Riddance Trailer (1973)

30 May 1973

Jutka, a young woman who works in a factory, falls in love with Andras, a university student. She pretends to be a student, to him and to his parents, and begins to live a lie.

Don't Pull My Beard! Trailer (1975)

13 August 1975

This absurd story, bordering on the drawing-room comedy, portrays the practices of abusing power and the insolence of bureaucracy through the revolting of a young designer-engineer of the Railway Tilting Examination Board.

The Victim Trailer (1979)

05 September 1979

The Investigator, busy with processing the clues to a number of rapes and murders committed in the same way, tries to catch the murderer, that is to find the would-be victim first and then to identify the murderer before he could strike again.

On the Sideline Trailer (1976)

06 April 1976

The corpulent and ageing Ivicz, once an excellent baker, works as a deliverer now. He lives alone. At the weekends following the toilsome weekdays he is the boss.

Moliére - A nők iskolája Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982