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Phoenix Trailer (2014)

25 September 2014

A disfigured concentration-camp survivor, unrecognizable after facial reconstruction surgery, searches ravaged postwar Berlin for the husband who might have betrayed her to the Nazis.

Wetlands Trailer (2013)

22 August 2013

Helen is a nonconformist teenage girl who maintains a conflictual relationship with her parents. Hanging out most of her time with her friend Corinna, with whom she breaks one social taboo after another, she uses sex as a way to rebel and break the conventional bourgeois ethic.

Above Us Only Sky Trailer (2011)

15 September 2011

A woman discovers the man she has lived with for years is not who she thought he was...

Spreewaldkrimi - Spiel mit dem Tod Trailer (2016)

18 May 2016