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The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps TrailerThe Crimes That Bind TrailerLaplace's Witch Trailer

Keigo Higashino (born February 4, 1958) is a Japanese author chiefly known for his mystery novels.

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The Miracles of the Namiya General Store Trailer (2017)

23 September 2017

In 2012, Atsuya (Ryosuke Yamada) and his 2 childhood friends do something bad and run into an old general store.

The Crimes That Bind Trailer (2018)

24 May 2018

Michiko Oshitani, who lived in Shiga Prefecture, is found dead at an apartment in Tokyo. She was strangled to death.

Laplace's Witch Trailer (2018)

04 May 2018

An environmental analyst is asked by the police to determine if two deaths by hydrogen sulfide poisoning are an accident - or a murder.

The Devotion of Suspect X Trailer (2017)

31 March 2017

Based on Keigo Higashino’s award-winning novel, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X follows a professor (Wang Kai) assisting in a murder investigation, only to find that a longtime rival and friend (Zhang Luyi) from his early university days may be involved.

The Secret Trailer (2007)

10 October 2007

Husband, wife, and daughter have moved from Boston to Williamstown. At 16, Samantha treats her mother shabbily, but when the two of them are in a horrific car crash, the mother wills Sam to live, somehow losing her own life while her spirit enters Sam.

The Wings of the Kirin Trailer (2012)

28 January 2012

A man's body is found under the statue of a winged kirin in the Nihombashi area of Tokyo. A suspect named Yashima has a car accident and falls unconscious while he is attempting to run away.

Suspect X Trailer (2008)

04 October 2008

A male corpse is discovered with a smashed face and burned hands. Strangely, the cause of death is determined to be strangulation.

Shippu Rondo Trailer (2016)

26 November 2016

An illegal biological weapon K-55 is stolen from a university lab. The university lab can't even call the police because the secret nature of the weapon.

The House Where the Mermaid Sleeps Trailer (2018)

30 November 2018

Kaoruko and Kazumasa Harima are a separated couple with two children. They plan to divorce once their daughter, Mizuho, enters elementary school.

The Letters Trailer (2006)

03 November 2006

How have you been? Takeshi's letter is delivered one each month to his younger brother, Naoki. Takeshi is serving a life term in prison for the crime that he had committed to save his brother.

[email protected] Trailer (2003)

08 November 2003

A young ad executive's life has been turned upside down when a vicious client ruins his three billion yen project.

Secret Trailer (1999)

25 September 1999

A traffic accident killed Heisuke (Kaoru Kobayashi)'s wife Naoko (Kayoko Kishimoto), while his highschool-student daughter Monami (Ryoko Hirosue) survived.

Midsummer's Equation Trailer (2013)

28 June 2013

Masaharu Fukuyama reprises his role from 2008's "Suspect X," playing the physicist-cum-detective Manabu Yukawa.

The 11 Words Murder Trailer (2011)

10 June 2011

A series of suspicious deaths, starting with that of her boyfriend Kawazu Masayuki, prompts mystery novelist Yuki Rikako to investigate.

Into the White Night Trailer (2011)

29 January 2011

A pawn shop owner in Osaka is murdered, but due to a lack of conclusive evidence the police lists the man's death as a suicide.

Perfect Number Trailer (2012)

18 October 2012

Based on the series by the popular Japanese novelist Keigo Higashino, this is a mystery drama that 'faithfully but freely' adapts the 3rd part in the series, .

Henshin Trailer (2005)

19 November 2005

White Night Trailer (2009)

19 November 2009

A pawnbroker is found murdered in a remote town in a derelict building. Three people come under suspicion but all of them have perfect alibis and the investigation comes to a standstill.

Platinum Data Trailer (2013)

16 March 2013

Set in the year 2017, the Japanese government attempts to secretly control the DNA of its people.

Murder in the Kairotei Trailer (2011)

24 June 2011

A woman (Takako Tokiwa) risks her life to exact revenge for her murdered lover.

Sleeping Forest - Newcomer Special Trailer (2014)

02 January 2014

A man is found dead in a office of Takayanagi Ballet Company. The suspect is a female dancer at the ballet company.

Akai Yubi Trailer (2011)

03 January 2011

A 7 years girl is found dead in the local park’s toilet. Kaga Kyouichiro, who was asked to find the girl, and his cousin Matsumiya Shuhei who’s assigned to investigate the murder case, have to work together to crack the case.

Hakugin Jack Trailer (2014)

02 August 2014

Fate Trailer (2004)

26 December 2004

Wagura Yusaku unwillingly broke up with his first love in high school and became a policeman after years of struggle.