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Hud Trailer (1986)

08 October 1986

Raven's End Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

In the middle of this film, about the working class in pre-world war II Sweden, is Anders who wishes to become an author.

The Best Intentions Trailer (1992)

24 May 1992

The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents. In 1909, poor theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Anna Åkerbloom, the daughter of a rich family in Uppsala.

Nana Trailer (1970)

09 November 1970

This adaptation of Emile Zola's novel "NANA," is about the sexual liaisons of a woman who through her relationships with different men, enjoys a life of pleasure and luxury.

Girl with Hyacinths Trailer (1950)

06 March 1950

Dagmar Brink, a young female pianist, commits suicide in her Stockholm apartment. She leaves all her belongings to her next-door neighbours, an author and his wife.

Gatan Trailer (1949)

27 February 1949

Britt Malm gets hit by a car on a Stockholm street and is taken to hospital. She is badly injured and must undergo surgery.

Pig Hunt Trailer (1970)

11 March 1970

Lennart Siljeberg works at the Cattle Inspection Agency. He is the perfect bureaucrat, always careful and pedantic.

Limpan Trailer (1983)

04 February 1983

Limpan is an alcoholic who has been put into a caretaking home for alcoholics. He's promised a job on the 'outside', but he's not released from the home, so he runs away.

Expectations Trailer (1997)

12 September 1997

A recently separated ladies' magazine reporter, a young couple who are in love, an unfaithful but jealous crane driver, a longing father and his unknowing daughter, the home coming fisherman's son who seeks reconciliation with his parents, the farmer who thirsts for tenderness.

Den frusna leoparden Trailer (1986)

29 August 1986

Bloodbrothers Trailer (2005)

02 December 2005

30-year-old Jon is released after seven years in prison and decides to put all his criminal activities behind him and start a new life.

Night Games Trailer (1966)

12 September 1966

Jan (Keve Hjelm) fights impotence (literal and symbolic) and anguished childhood memories in a decadent Swedish castle where risqué parties and daring scenes defy 1960s' movie censorship, reaffirming the ground-breaking role of Swedish films in helping advance adult, sexually concerned themes in international cinema.

1939 Trailer (1989)

23 December 1989

When the war breaks out, Annika lives with her parents in Värmland, close to the border to Norway. Her cousin Harald is a dealer in the black market but has to escape from the police to Norway.

Roseanna Trailer (1967)

14 August 1967

A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved.

The Fifth Woman Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

The 5th woman unfolds autumn 1994. An elderly man found in a gillrad pitfall impaled to death on the sharp sharpened bamboo poles, ecstatic praise of crows.

Hører du ikke hva jeg sier! Trailer (1995)

08 September 1995

"Så sjeldent som en virkelig morsom norsk komedie. Bildene og situasjonene bytter kjapt, så heng på! En grei historie om Stand-up-mannen som mistet tråden og kona tar over showet med dundrende suksess.

The Driver Trailer (2000)

05 January 2000

A thriller about deceit and the struggle for power within Eastern European mafia gangs living in exile in Sweden.

Som natt och dag Trailer (1969)

13 February 1969

Television hostess Susanne has an affair with Rikard, who is a doctor at a hospital. But after meeting the man who Rikard works for, Professor Erland Roos, she leaves Rikard and eventually marries the professor.

Fanny Hill Trailer (1968)

11 November 1968

The classic tale of a young woman's erotic awakening is transplanted to swinging '60s Stockholm...

Aldrig i livet Trailer (1957)

20 December 1957

Thriller with Lars Ekborg and Ingrid Thulin.

Blomstrande tider Trailer (1980)

27 January 1980

A movie by John Olsson.

Liv till varje pris Trailer (1998)

20 August 1998

A documentary about acclaimed Swedish film director Bo Widerberg.

Vi på Väddö Trailer (1958)

13 October 1958

Law graduate Ylva Markner spends the summer on the island of Väddö, where she gets involved in a quarrel concerning a last will.

Kurragömma Trailer (1963)

05 February 1963

An escaped convict assumes the identity of a professor in order to reveal a criminal syndicate who smuggle diamonds together with Parisian haute couture.

Vindingevals Trailer (1968)

22 September 1968

When a vagrant family arrives to the village Vindinge one hot summer in the 1920's, the parish is spiced up with sex and alcohol.

Nattbarn Trailer (1956)

26 August 1956

A man (Gunnar Hellström) meets prisoner Nils Gustaf Boman and asks him why he strayed from the straight and narrow.

Love 65 Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

Love 65 is basically about a film director (and his family and friends)played by Keve Hjälm who is working on his latest film but seems to be finding it hard to concentrate on making movies and apart from a brief shooting scene we mostly get to see other aspects of his life: in Stockholm, at his country cottage by the sea, an extra-marital affair, and so on.

Nu är pappa trött igen! Trailer (1996)

29 August 1996

A movie by Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle.

En drömmares vandring Trailer (1957)

25 March 1957

Biopic of poet Dan Andersson.

Dödsklockan Trailer (1999)

24 September 1999

Seven friends try to keep a secret.

Hallo Baby Trailer (1976)

27 January 1976

A movie by Johan Bergenstråhle.