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Bus Lane Trailer (2007)

12 April 2007

Koe is a ticket boy on the bus who does the best for his routine job. He also a co-worker with Lha,the moody bus driver who often quarrels to the passengers.

Teng's Angel Trailer (2008)

30 April 2008

Klauy is a bumbling likay performer in the countryside. One day while watching TV he sees a beautiful model Fah having an interview with a tv host and he instantly falls in love with her.

Dream Team Trailer (2008)

03 April 2008

Soccer coach Byrd is persuaded by teacher Noo Lek to help coach ten of the school's kindergarteners students for a tug-of-war tournament being staged as part of the 18th National Kindergarten Sports Competition.

The House Trailer (2007)

23 August 2007

This is inspired by a true story of three horrible murders that happened to three women in years past.

O-Negative Trailer (1998)

30 October 1998

In a College for the Arts of some sort, 5 freshmen students (Prim, Foon, Chompoo, Art, and Puen) met randomly during the ceremony on the first day of class.