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3 Türken und ein Baby Trailer (2015)

22 January 2015

The Yildiz brothers - Celal, Sami and Mesut - still live under one roof - despite their differences. The family bridal shop is doing really badly and they each yearn for a different life: Heartthrob Celal pines for his ex-girlfriend Anna and risks every last cent of their family inheritance for his dream of a mobile phone shop.

Kebab Connection Trailer (2004)

21 April 2004

In Hamburg, Ibrahim "Ibo" Secmez, of Turkish descent, wants to direct the first German kung-fu movie. For now, he makes commercials for his uncle's kebab restaurant. Titzie, an aspiring actress and Ibo's German girlfriend, finds she's pregnant. Ibo is uncertain about fatherhood - compounded by his father's disowning him for getting a German girl pregnant - so Titzie sends him packing. He makes attempts at getting it right, but as the birth approaches, he's still not ready. In the background are three thugs in search of good tripe soup and a Capulet-Montegue feud between the kebab joint and a Greek taverna across the street. Can Ibo be the glove upon that hand?

Tough Enough Trailer (2006)

09 March 2006

From the youth directed novel of the same name by Greogor Tressnow comes a film by Detlev Buck that is a realistic portrait of life in the section of Berlin called Neukölln.

Berlin Falling Trailer (2017)

01 March 2017

Herbert Trailer (2015)

12 September 2015

A former East German boxing champion reduced to working as a bouncer and debt collector is forced to reflect on his life when he is diagnosed with a fatal disease.

300 Worte Deutsch Trailer (2015)

05 February 2015

Culture-Clash-Comedy about Turkish brides importet into Germany...

Kaddisch für einen Freund Trailer (2012)

15 March 2012

Wie Männer Über Frauen Reden Trailer (2016)

12 May 2016

Nur Gott kann mich richten Trailer (2017)

07 September 2017

UMMAH - Unter Freunden Trailer (2013)

12 September 2013

Berlin am Meer Trailer (2007)

01 October 2007

Die Informantin Trailer (2016)

19 March 2016

Platonow Trailer (2015)

12 December 2015

Underdogs Trailer (2008)

24 July 2008

Yugotrip Trailer (2004)

29 January 2004