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The Super Parental Guardians Trailer (2016)

30 November 2016

A family movie that revolves around unlikely "parents" Arci and Paco. Arci gains custody of his best friend's children Megan and Ernie just before she dies.

Love Is Blind Trailer (2016)

10 February 2016

Wade is a spoiled bachelor, who turns his back on sassy girlfriend Maggie when he meets Fe, a hotel intern who looks so much like his ex-girlfriend.

The Seat Trailer (2016)

25 December 2016

A Filpino family deals with hooded people who are involved in extra-judicial killings and other abuses in Philippine society.

The Agony and Fury of Hermano Puli Trailer (2016)

21 September 2016

Decades before the rise of liberalism in Spanish-era colonial Philippines, a young charismatic preacher leads a movement for equality and religious freedom for his fellow native Filipinos.

Of Sinners and Saints Trailer (2015)

27 June 2015

Leonardo Rossellini is an Italian priest from Rome, assigned to a parish in Payatas, a poor area of Metromanila, Philippines.

Dahling Nick Trailer (2015)

12 November 2015

The story of Nick Joaquin, who only accepted the National Artist Award on the condition that the Marcos administration release a well-known writer who was being unjustly detained during Martial Law.

Expressway Trailer (2016)

22 April 2016

A syndicate old-timer named Ben needs to do one last assignment before the boss he works for grants him his much delayed retirement.

Anatomy of Love Trailer (2015)

14 August 2015

A 12-act anthology film about the lives of several people whose love stories take tragic turns as they try to fill in the void in their respective lives.

Nilalang Trailer (2015)

25 December 2015

Nilalang tackles the underbelly of corrupt Philippine cops with the Japanese 'Yakuza' and its links to a centuries’ old curse that may be responsible for the spate of serial killings happening in Manila.

Partee Trailer (2016)

22 February 2016

A story of the different false possibilities created by an "intoxicating substance" induced in someone’s life.

Straight to the Heart Trailer (2016)

16 March 2016

A gay hairdresser gets into a coma and wakes up a straight guy, turning his life and relationships upside down.

Sino Nga Ba Si Pangkoy Ong? Trailer (2015)

25 June 2015

Armand, Julian and Paolo are good friends. All three experience financial difficulties so they are finding ways to get some money.

The Guard Trailer (2016)

27 February 2016

A security guard jumps to the other side of the fence and turns to crime when his meager pay is not enough to keep his wife and children by his side.

The Crone Trailer (2014)

21 October 2014

Hukluban examines the plight of the cursed woman, Mira, over the span of three eras over six generations and her search for true love and a man.

Mumbai Love Trailer (2014)

22 January 2014

An Indian raised in the Philippines falls in love with a Filipina on business in Mumbai. She leaves unexpectedly, and he travels back to the Philippines to find her.

The Spider's Lair Trailer (2013)

27 July 2013

An Internet scammer falls in love with a wealthy old maid while trying to swindle her using a fake Facebook profile.