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Sex in Sweden Trailer (1977)

11 April 1977

Molly is in love with Peter. Peter is living a dangerous, violent and depraved upper class life. Peters brother Robin is in love with Molly.

Through the Looking Glass Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

A rich socialite escapes her boring lifestyle when a ghost takes her to a sexual hell where anything goes.

Teenage Intimacies Trailer (1973)

09 August 1973

This Softsex-comedy points out what people are doing everything so when they feel unobserved in their closed doors.

Mount of Venus Trailer (1975)

23 June 1975

Pompous, but powerful head Greek god Jupiter Stormbringer is having trouble coping with the 20th century.

The Intrusion Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

The Amazing Transplant Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

Exploitation auteur Doris Wishman (Bad Girls Go to Hell) provides the most over-the-top entertainment of her career with this film about a nice guy who turns murderous after undergoing a penis transplant.

Powder Burns Trailer (1971)

25 February 1971

Three outlaws known as The McNasty Brothers terrorize a small frontier town located in the desert. It's up to a former sheriff and a go-go dancer to thwart the dastardly trio.

Take Me in the Valley Trailer (1977)

26 September 1977

A shy farmhand, George (Eric Edwards), needs help learning about sex.

The Love Object Trailer (1970)

14 January 1970

An actress is kidnapped and tortured.

Deep Sleep Trailer (1974)

25 February 1974

Harry has several problems with performing in bed. . To help cure him of this problem, he decides to seek help from a special doctor.