Kim Si-hyun

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Golden Dragon, Silver Snake Trailer (1980)

11 June 1980

Kung Fu star Dragon Lee appears as 'Golden Dragon', who teams up with 'Silver Snake' to take revenge on the men responsible for his brother's murder.

Killing in the Nude Trailer (1985)

14 March 1985

Killing in the Nude is one of the rare hidden gems that are unknown to most in the history of Hong Kong soft core erotica.

Mission for the Dragon Trailer (1980)

05 September 1980

Han Wu-song, an antique collector, gets killed while appraising a bronze horse rider statue which trader Wang Dae-in has stolen from a tomb.

Three Women with Grudges Trailer (1981)

16 May 1981

In the northern Manchuria, Yun, a Korean is troubled by his son Ji-ryong's relationship with Geum-hwa, a Chinese maiden.