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Villain Trailer (2010)

11 September 2010

Shimizu Yuichi (portrayed by the wonderful Tsumabuki Satoshi) is a shy and lonely day laborer looking for love.

Girlfriend: Someone Please Stop the World Trailer (2004)

12 May 2004

Despite the fact that Kyoko's a girl herself, approaching women on the streets and asking them to pose nude for her proves to be quite a chore.

High Sentiments Family Trailer (2018)

16 May 2018

During winter break elementary school teacher Kyoko Uno gives supplemental lessons to her student Teppei, who is behind in school.

It's Only Talk Trailer (2005)

23 November 2005

Based on an award winning novel, It's Only Talk is about the life of Yuko, a 35 year old woman. She is single and unemployed, and suffers from manic depression.

New Type: Just For Your Love Trailer (2008)

22 November 2008

Yuri, who works at the ticket window at a ferry terminal, is one-eyed. One day, she is held at knifepoint and locked away in captivity by an enigmatic man named Kwon, who has missed a ferry.

The Little Girl in Me Trailer (2012)

01 December 2012

After Kensuke (Naoki Kawano) graduated from college, he began to work at a company. He didn't get along with his co-workers and six months later quit his job.

Lost Love Murder Trailer (2010)

01 April 2010

The story of a woman who fell in love with another man. The woman has a crazy jealous husband. What will she do to get her love?

Woman-Killer in Oil Hell Trailer (2009)

23 May 2009

Starting with director Gosha Hideo's version in 1992, the puppet theater of Chikamatsu Monzaemon has been made into a film on countless occasions.

Sheep in the Night Trailer (2010)

16 November 2010

A real estate agent, Shinji Sawaguchi finds a fallen meteorite by accident. On the next day, his missing sister Shiori shows up for the first time in ten years.

A Liar and a Broken Girl Trailer (2010)

25 October 2010

In a small rural town, a brother and sister goes missing and there's also a serial killer case involving woman as the victims.