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Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis Trailer

(Thai: กิตติกร เลียวศิริกุล), also known as Leo Kittikorn, is a Thai film director, screenwriter and producer. He is best known for his films include Bus Lane and Saving Private Tootsie.

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Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis Trailer (2004)

16 December 2004

The fourth generation of the virus SARS is found in Africa! It's more dangerous and causes the patients to transform into bloodthirsty zombies.

Necromancer Trailer (2005)

10 March 2005

Itti a former police officer is a master of the dark magic. Imprisoned, he succeeds to vanish from his cell.

Sunset at Chaophraya Trailer (2013)

04 April 2013

Set in 1939, the early days of World War II in Siam, to Angsumalin meeting one last time with her childhood friend, a young Thai man named Vanus.

That Sounds Good Trailer (2010)

24 June 2010

That Sounds Good is a romantic comedy that takes you on a journey with two girls, one guy, and their complicated love triangle through the magnificent landscapes of three countries: Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

A Miracle of Oam and Somwung Trailer (1988)

04 December 1988

When a simple guy, Somwung (Lift-Supoj), mysteriously switches bodies with superstar Oam (Oil-Thana), their lives are changed forever.

Bus Lane Trailer (2007)

12 April 2007

Koe is a ticket boy on the bus who does the best for his routine job. He also a co-worker with Lha,the moody bus driver who often quarrels to the passengers.

Dream Team Trailer (2008)

03 April 2008

Soccer coach Byrd is persuaded by teacher Noo Lek to help coach ten of the school's kindergarteners students for a tug-of-war tournament being staged as part of the 18th National Kindergarten Sports Competition.

Sevendays Twentyfourhours Trailer (2007)

21 June 2007

Ble is a weird guy because he has two different selves that can be switched into "Ble A" and "Ble B" everyday when he wakes up in the morning.

Goal Club Trailer (2001)

02 November 2001

A group of teens gets involved in the underground football betting scene where lots of money can be quickly won or lost.

Saving Private Tootsie Trailer (2002)

28 November 2002

A local Thai flight crashes inside Burma in rebel held territory. Amongst the survivors are several gay men and transsexuals.

Ahimsa: Stop to Run Trailer (2005)

20 October 2005

Ahimsa is a young man who's haunted by his karma, which takes the form of a mysterious red-haired man who dishes out abuse when Ahimsa runs afoul of morality.

The Bullet Wives Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Things are going to get nasty as 'mia noi' or mistresses and 'mia luang' or (legal) wives openly declare and wage war upon each other in this bullet-filled, bombs-abound movie.

18-80 Buddy Trailer (1997)

11 July 1997

Oat (Oil-Thana) is a musician, who accompanies his grandfather to an island to look for his long lost love.