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Hor taew tak 4 Trailer (2012)

23 October 2012

At a haunted apartment block populated mostly by ladyboys and cross-dressers, Taew opens a new apartment but soon someone commits suicide in a room - or maybe its murder.

Oh My Ghost Trailer (2013)

28 November 2013

This comedy is about two best friends, one very pretty the other not so much. When one friend passes away, she returns as a ghost to be with her old pal, and things get complicated when they have to share the same body.

Hor Taew Tak 3 – Wak Shimi Trailer (2011)

05 January 2011

After three katoey siblings (lady boys) have succeeded in freeing the ghost of an ancient lady in the previous sequel, they become famous and are now asked to run a haunted all-male apartment.

Saranae Siblor Trailer (2010)

01 April 2010

Ake (Mario Muarer) is a growing young adult but still not mature enough, acording to his father (Santisuk Promsiri).

WOW! U.F.O. Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Toh Tae from Bangkok, aged 10, goes out to the countryside to stay with his relatives for his summer vacation.

Three Cripples Trailer (2007)

26 December 2007

Yen, Pe and Le are poor. The only way to be rich in their mind is to join the gang of mafia Tod. The threesome is assigned by mafia Tod to kidnap a millionaire's son, but they accidentally bring the wrong boy.

The Ghost and Master Boh Trailer (2008)

28 February 2008

Master Boh lies to the people that he can communicate with spirits and randomly predicts the numbers for everyone who wants to win the lottery.

Loser Lover Trailer (2010)

30 December 2010

An earnest young indie singer-songwriter is trying to land a recording contract. When he walks into the audition, he inexplicably falls in love at first sight with Mayom, a Plain Jane who is there auditioning with a group of backup dancers.

H2-Oh! Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

The story centers to Mook and Charlie, two uncommon buddies who befriend in an odd circumstance. Mook was a swimmer who lost her swimmer friends from an accident which causes her to be afraid of water.

The Blue Elephant Trailer (2006)

18 May 2006

Single Lady Trailer (2015)

05 February 2015

Successful author and media darling Bright is an icon of singledom. However, a fortune-teller's warning of dire consequences resulting from unresolved issues with former lovers forces her to revisit and reexamine her five past relationships and calls her renunciation of romance into question.

Koo Kuan Puan Maesa Trailer (2008)

02 April 2008

Mit, a hotel manager in Chiang Mai, is going to Krabi to attend a wedding during Songkran festival. On the way, his car has an accident, so he has to hire Bungern, a bus owner to drive him to Krabi.

Zapp Trailer (2006)

20 September 2006

When their calm apartment turns to a place of crime, Zab and her friend Kwan, who used to peacefully reside in the apartment, team up against the dirty thugs and tries to restore order.

Valentine Sweety Trailer (2012)

09 February 2012

A romantic comedy which is a sequel to last year’s popular Bangkok Sweety. As before, it features a number of different love stories that take place on Valentine’s Day.

Oh My Ghosts Trailer (2009)

30 September 2009

Three companions are frightened by a horrible ghost that haunts their dorm. Tired of running away, they summon a spirit to help them defeat the ghost.

Cool Gel Attacks Trailer (2010)

02 December 2010

A Thai comedy movie starring a number of TV comedians in a story about a cool gel that falls from the sky and turns into a cute yet lethal monster.

Hod Na Hiaw Trailer (2009)

21 January 2009

A former mafia boss, Song, gets out of jail and wants to get for revenge on one of his gang members, Tai, who married the woman that he loved twenty years ago.

The Magnificent Five Trailer (2006)

20 April 2006

A group of mismatched heroes band together to rescue children sold into slavery.

Spicy Beauty Queen of Bangkok 2 Trailer (2012)

05 April 2012

Four ladyboys who has different characters for each other. However, all of them are riotus enough to think about robbing a bank to finishing their wild dream.

Headless Family Trailer (2008)

22 October 2008

An accident during a holiday trip leaves an entire family decapitated, and yet they continue to live their lives, although under the curious eyes of their nosy neighbors.

The Dog Trailer (2010)

28 December 2010

Set in an uncommon land where the citizens are attentively waiting to celebrate one year anniversary of a snow dog, the special and distinguished canine that India has sent to them as the friendship mascot.

Ponglang Amazing Theatre Trailer (2007)

28 November 2007

Tomorn inherits an old and run-down theatre from his uncle. The Theatre is called Chalermpol Rama, where once was the glorious Theatre in town.

See How They Run Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

Hor Taew Tak Trailer (2007)

08 March 2007

Taew, Cartoon, Mot-dum and Songkram are four aging-yet-still-outrageous katoey (drag queens) who run a boarding house for boys in provincial Thailand.

Teng's Angel Trailer (2008)

30 April 2008

Klauy is a bumbling likay performer in the countryside. One day while watching TV he sees a beautiful model Fah having an interview with a tv host and he instantly falls in love with her.

Kung Fu Tootsie Trailer (2007)

19 July 2007

Set in Hong Kong where three mafia gangs are fighting to be the biggest powerful criminal organization in town.

The Last Song Trailer (2006)

15 June 2006

"The Last Song" tells the bittersweet story of Somying Dawrai, a beautiful and successful showgirl working in the famed transvestite cabaret "Tiffani Show" in Pattaya, Thailand.

The Golden Riders Trailer (2006)

28 December 2006

A young monk catches a train to a temple in a hill. On the way, he meets Phol and Taengmo, two people who trying to escape from their personal problems.