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The Write Moment Trailer (2017)

20 October 2017

A heartbroken writer tries to get back with an ex through his romantic comedy hugot script but fails and instead finds himself magically living-out the scenes he has written.

We Will Not Die Tonight Trailer (2018)

15 August 2018

Kray, an underappreciated and underpaid stuntwoman, takes on one last job with her former gang only to be trapped in a hellish underworld.

Love Arumirai Trailer (2015)

29 October 2015

The story has to do with the seven-year marriage between Geng (Pitsanu Nimsakul) and fashion model Bella (Sheranut Yusananda) turning stormy.

888 Fast Thai Trailer (2016)

09 October 2016

The story revolves around the bus driver of a bus with the plate number 888. He is on a mission filled with chaos, involving the safety of the passengers.

Oh My Ghost Trailer (2013)

28 November 2013

This comedy is about two best friends, one very pretty the other not so much. When one friend passes away, she returns as a ghost to be with her old pal, and things get complicated when they have to share the same body.

Loser Lover Trailer (2010)

30 December 2010

An earnest young indie singer-songwriter is trying to land a recording contract. When he walks into the audition, he inexplicably falls in love at first sight with Mayom, a Plain Jane who is there auditioning with a group of backup dancers.

Haunted School Trailer (2016)

03 November 2016

In this Thai horror film,a group of students exchange tales of haunted buildings, deceased students, demonic libraries, demented teachers and other spooky legends of their schools.

Sevendays Twentyfourhours Trailer (2007)

21 June 2007

Ble is a weird guy because he has two different selves that can be switched into "Ble A" and "Ble B" everyday when he wakes up in the morning.

Krasue Fad Pob Trailer (2009)

20 May 2009

A fight between two ghosts set in a village where people still believe in superstition. When a wicked witch doctor summons a bloodthirsty, yet sexy ghoul from her grave, the only person who can stop the dangerous ghoul is a kind-hearted, pretty girl who holds her secret: a filth-eating spirit.

Hod Na Hiaw Trailer (2009)

21 January 2009

A former mafia boss, Song, gets out of jail and wants to get for revenge on one of his gang members, Tai, who married the woman that he loved twenty years ago.

The Microchip Trailer (2011)

24 February 2011

A group of friends have misplaced an important microchip that apparently holds top-secret information.

My Name Is Love Trailer (2012)

11 October 2012

My Name is Love tells the story of a young Thai guy who, when he was in high school really thought he was "all that".

Hell Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

While traveling, a crew of documentary makers met a horrible fate when their van fell off a cliff. Though only one of them really died, the rest were 'accidentally' dragged into hell where each were tortured according to their sins.

Tom Yum Keng Trailer (2012)

15 January 2012

Business is struggling at a restaurant featuring dishes made of traditional Chinese medicine which is supposedly good for virility.

Zapp Trailer (2006)

20 September 2006

When their calm apartment turns to a place of crime, Zab and her friend Kwan, who used to peacefully reside in the apartment, team up against the dirty thugs and tries to restore order.

Wo Maba Maha Sanuk Trailer (2008)

16 July 2008

Ghost Day Trailer (2012)

28 October 2012

Two exorcists capture their work on video and upload it to YouTube. They come to the attention of a TV show that wants to boost its ratings.

เอ๋อเหรอ 2 Trailer (2019)

13 July 2019

Virgin Am I Trailer (2012)

29 August 2012

A sex comedy about a group of teenagers who want to lose their virginity for the first time.

The Ghost and Master Boh Trailer (2008)

28 February 2008

Master Boh lies to the people that he can communicate with spirits and randomly predicts the numbers for everyone who wants to win the lottery.

คู่เลส พระโขนง 2 Trailer (2019)

05 April 2019

Ponglang Amazing Theatre Trailer (2007)

28 November 2007

Tomorn inherits an old and run-down theatre from his uncle. The Theatre is called Chalermpol Rama, where once was the glorious Theatre in town.

In Country Melody Trailer (2007)

31 August 2007

Somwang starts working in a Thai country music troupe where he meets Som who is a dancer. On their concert tour around the country, there are many funny stories and encounters.

Bor Siang Kang Gangster Trailer (2010)

02 November 2010

In the early 2500's, to become an influential authority shall not fear. In particular, the release of the loan.

See How They Run Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

A mischievous ghost boy is wandering around the town, trying to find his father. Living alone with loneliness, the ghost boy wants to make friends with people.

Blue Sky 2 Trailer (2010)

01 August 2010

A documentary film maker goes into the forest to film a tribe of primitive people living there. He finds out there are two when he gets there.

Sith Wat Wing Na Tang Trailer (2011)

17 January 2011

Jam has been raised by the monks at a temple. He's in love with a girl but her mother doesn't think so highly of him because he's just a temple assistant.

Ja-eh goy laew ja Trailer (2009)

29 October 2009

A ghost of a pretty girl in negligee is haunting at a village and the villagers get in touch with various witch doctors in order to expel her.

Dumber Heroes Trailer (2005)

14 July 2005

A comedy set in a weird hospital populated by spies, mental people, an exorcist, you name it! Plus the world's most beautiful nurse.

Ha Zard Trailer (2011)

06 April 2011

A university specializing in grooming comedians is in crisis for lack of talents, and their scouts go and recruit students who clearly lack funny bones.

Headless Family Trailer (2008)

22 October 2008

An accident during a holiday trip leaves an entire family decapitated, and yet they continue to live their lives, although under the curious eyes of their nosy neighbors.

Sam Yan Trailer (2010)

20 May 2010

Blue Sky of Love Trailer (2009)

14 January 2009

Set in October 1976, during a revolutionary period in Thai history, the drama-comedy Blue Sky of Love tells a story of a university girl who wished to follow her ideology in working for people.

Poh Tak Trailer (2010)

02 June 2010

Directed by popular comedian turns to director, Mum Jokmok, Pohtak is a parody comedy that explores the lives in front and behind the camera of Thais film industry.

First Love Trailer (2013)

12 September 2013

Namnan falls in love with aspiring ballroom dancer Phakbung. As it's the first time Namnan's found love, he does all he can to help Phakbung achieve her dream, not knowing their relationship might not be everlasting.

Behind the Scenes Trailer (2010)

01 January 2010

The top porno film director in Thailand is down on his luck. His staff is desperate for a new job. He owes money everywhere.

The HZ Comedians Trailer (2011)

06 April 2011

A university specialising in grooming comedians is in crisis for lack of talents, and their scouts go and recruit students who clearly lack funny bones.