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Demons of War Trailer (1998)

20 March 1998

A detachment of the Polish IFOR forces in Bosnia is led by Major Keller, who is being investigated for insubordination during a patrol in Srebrenica.

Kiler Trailer (1997)

17 October 1997

An innocent cab driver is mistaken for a contract killer and imprisoned. Soon, he is sprung by a mob boss who needs "Killer" for a few more jobs.

Vabank Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

October 1934. Poland. Famous bank robber Kwinto decided to quit his dangerous criminal job, but after his friend's death, he changed his mind and organized a burglary of famous and well protected bank which belonged to his former partner in crime, backstabbing and double-crossing Kramer.

Kiler-ów 2-óch Trailer (1999)

08 January 1999

Jurek Kiler (see the prequel to this movie, "Kiler") has become a VIP - sponsoring the Polish government, playing tennis with the President, and stuff.

These Daughters of Mine Trailer (2015)

09 November 2015

A 40-year old actress (single and strong, yet lonely), her sister (an emotionally unstable schoolteacher whose married-with-kids life appears more orderly) and their domineering father, who gradually loses control over his family due to his wife's sudden illness and his own health troubles; these are the three individuals at the heart of this film, a touching story about the strength of family ties in a situation of imminent danger.

The Black Madonna Trailer (2007)

09 March 2007

Funny adventures about a priceless icon stolen by Kurt for a Russian criminal Igor.

Kołysanka Trailer (2010)

12 February 2010

Lullaby is a menacing story full of humor and suspense from the master of the genre, Juliusz Machulski.

Cześć, Tereska Trailer (2001)

28 September 2001

Teenager Tereska comes from poor family and has to face difficult world and mean people around her.

Bokser Trailer (2012)

08 April 2012

Statysci Trailer (2006)

27 October 2006

Private Town Trailer (1994)

06 October 1994

Małe prowincjonalne miasteczko koło Warszawy rządzone jest przez lokalną mafię. Brutalne napady, zuchwałe kradzieże są na porządku dziennym.

Umarli rzucają cień Trailer (1979)

06 September 1979

Sensational psychological drama, concerning the activities of the People's Guard in Silesia, presents from the human characters and attitudes perspective story of provocation of Gestapo agents, penetrating the ranks of the Resistance.

Nothing Trailer (1998)

16 October 1998

A mother of three is afraid of losing her husband if he finds out she's pregnant again, so she tries to conceal it.

Ultimatum Trailer (1984)

29 December 1984

Based on actual events in 1982, the film recreates a hostage-taking in Switzerland. Four men storm the Polish embassy: a criminal, a crazed killer, a student and an idealist.