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Pornography Trailer (2003)

19 September 2003

Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in a peaceful countryside manor house during the Nazi occupation.

Golem Trailer (1980)

18 March 1980

The film is set in a terrorizing world of the future, where technology commands the movements of individuals, supervised by the doctors, carrying out a program to improve the human race.

Las, 4 rano Trailer (2017)

20 January 2017

O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

Set in an underground dungeon inhabited by bundled, ragged human beings, after the nuclear holocaust.

Konopielka Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

Kaziuk, a stubborn peasant and his pregnant wife live in a backwood village, unaffected by the civilization.

Where Eskimos Live Trailer (2002)

11 January 2002

Sharkey, part of the sinister world of child trade, picks up Vlado, an orphan of war, dreaming of freedom and a better life.

Hello, Fred the Beard Trailer (1978)

16 October 1978

History of Cinema in Popielawy Trailer (1998)

01 November 1998

The story is narrated by ten-year old Staszek, who writes in his diary about his school-friend Jozef.

More Things That Happened Trailer (2007)

14 August 2007

No overview found.

Ga-ga: Glory to the Heroes Trailer (1986)

26 September 1986

In the 21st century, prisoners aboard penitentiary space ships explore unknown worlds. Scope, one of the prisoners is sent on a planet though to be lifeless, until he found "Humans" on it.

Amok Trailer (1999)

16 April 1999

Entertaining movie about the early days of Polish stock exchange in the beginning of 80's. Young TV reporter is sucked into the inferno of easy money, deception, crime, sex and drugs.