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Kyōzō Nagatsuka (長塚京三?) is a Japanese actor. He won the award for best actor at the 24th Yokohama Film Festival for The Laughing Frog.

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Chinese In Paris Trailer (1974)

28 February 1974

Overnight, Paris is invaded - although peacefully - but the Chinese Army, and millions of Chinese people.

Dearest Trailer (2012)

25 August 2012

A prison officer hands in his resignation after his wife's death, to drive to the port where she wants her ashes scattered at sea.

Bakayarô! 3: Henna yatsura Trailer (1990)

20 October 1990

Our Family Trailer (2014)

24 May 2014

The emotional journey of a four-member family that fails to recognize that it is rapidly growing apart until the mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Samurai Resurrection Trailer (2003)

26 April 2003

Shiro Amasuka, dead leader of the Shimbara Revolt is resurrected from hell with the desire of overthrowing the shogunate for killing his companions.

The Last Message Trailer (2012)

30 June 2012

Police coroner Kuraishi Yoshio (Masaaki Uchino) and the crime lab team attempt to solve a serial murder case with a killer who seems to kill indiscriminately.

The Far Road Trailer (1977)

11 September 1977

Set in the time of steam locomotives and covering a period of almost 30 years, this sensitive film tells the story of the wife of a railroad worker in the northern part of Japan.

Lupin's News Trailer (2008)

21 September 2008

The suicide of a female teacher 15 years ago was actually a murder. A new investigation team, spearheaded by Mizorogi, is formed based on new information turned in to the police.

Fly Boys, Fly! Trailer (1995)

23 September 1995

Setouchi Moonlight Serenade Trailer (1997)

15 March 1997

After the 1995 Kobe earthquake, a writer remembers travelling with his family to bury his brother after World War II.

Village of Dreams Trailer (1996)

13 July 1996

Tells of the childhood of two nine-year-old twins in a rural village in Japan after World War 2. Includes the boys relationships with their schoolteacher mother, civil servant father, elderly landlord, a rough new boy at the school, and three mysterious spirits in the form of old women.

Tokyo Lullaby Trailer (1997)

20 June 1997

Hamanaka Koichi (Nagatsuka Kyozo) returns to his wife Hisako (Baisho Mitsuko) and family in a sadder, run-down section of eastern Tokyo after having run away from home years before.

Fireworks, Ferris Wheels and Love Trailer (1997)

15 February 1997

Morihara was left a widower 8 years ago when his wife passed away. He attends his first mixer party under the guidance of his daughter.

Fag Hag Trailer (1992)

26 May 1992

A straight young woman living in Tokyo becomes involved in the lives of a gay man and his married lover.

The Hit-and-Run Family Trailer (1992)

19 December 1992

Set in the 1990s, this film uses black humour to cast a sharp, satirical eye at the problems facing modern Japanese families.