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Runaway Blues Trailer (1989)

03 March 1989

Before he was crowned one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", Andy Lau starred in the 1989 gangster film Runaway Blues.

Flirting Trailer (1988)

16 September 1988

Legendary writer/television host/film producer Chua Lam produced the 1988 erotic drama Flirting, starring Alex Man, Ng Siu Gong, pink film actress Aoki Yuko, and Maria Yuen.

Women Trailer (1985)

12 June 1985

Liang Pao-erh (Cora Miao) joins the carefree “Spinsters’ Club” when she discovers her husband (Chow Yun-fat) is having an affair.

Love Unto Wastes Trailer (1986)

30 August 1986

Four smart young things spend their time dressing, bonking, and getting smashed - until one of them is brutally, arbitrarily murdered in a burglary.

Hearts, No Flowers Trailer (1989)

13 September 1989

A youth film about four city lasses.