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Dot 2 Dot Trailer (2014)

30 October 2014

A girl from Northern China, who comes to Hong Kong for teaching Putonghua, starts exploring the surrounding and history of her new city when she determines to find out the boy behind the mysterious dot to dot graffiti outside every subway station.

Ultra Reinforcement Trailer (2012)

24 January 2012

Er Dan (Wallace Huo) accidentally traveled to the past to Tang Dynasty. In Tang Dynasty he met Shi Ke Jin (Dylan Luo) whom his elder brother Shi Ke Yan wanted to kill him.

The Apostles Trailer (2014)

17 January 2014

Lorraine is a young novelist who has been suffering from severe headaches, nightmares and occasional short-term memory loss from a car accident.

I'll Call You Trailer (2006)

23 March 2006

Man works as a clerk in a shipping company. His life is truly non-eventful and dull, until he meets the beautiful but highly arrogant Karen.

Undercover Hidden Dragon Trailer (2006)

06 April 2006

Fat (Ronald Cheng) is a loser in work, and even in the triad gang. Ordered by another gangster (Timmy Hung), Fat attempts to assassinate the leader of the opposite gang.