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Two-Minute Warning Trailer (1976)

12 November 1976

A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game.

A Burning Passion: The Margaret Mitchell Story Trailer (1994)

28 March 1994

Margaret Mitchell, portrayed as rebellious and spirited as Scarlett O'Hara, grows up in a comfortably middle-class Atlanta home, absorbing her grandmother's stories of the Civil War and the burning of their city by the Yankees.

Love Lives On Trailer (1985)

31 March 1985

A 15-year-old girl must choose between continuing her pregnancy and undergoing treatment for her fast-growing cancer.

Wired Trailer (1989)

25 August 1989

The ghost of John Belushi looks back on his troubled life and career.

In Pursuit of Honor Trailer (1995)

18 March 1995

To save a group of horses slated to be destroyed by the US Cavalry, a group of officers rebel and begin a journey towards Canada to save themselves and the mounts.

Goodbye, Columbus Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

A Jewish man and a jewish woman meet and while attracted to each other find that their worlds are very different.

Hard to Hold Trailer (1984)

29 June 1984

Details the efforts of a pop-rock star (James Roberts / Rick Springfield) to win the love of a woman he meets in a car accident.

Christmas Every Day Trailer (1996)

30 November 1996

Billy Jackson is not having a good Christmas. He got a basketball for Christmas and just cannot make a jump shot.

The Incident Trailer (1967)

05 November 1967

Two young hoodlums (including a young Martin Sheen) terrorize the passengers of a late night New York City subway train.

Man of Miracles Trailer (1999)

28 March 1999

In the sleepy town of Vine Creek, preacher and volunteer fireman Joe Cass wakes up to realize his family and community are at a breaking point.

Child of Rage Trailer (1992)

24 September 1992

A priest and his wife adopt a brother and sister, but the girl has terrible outbursts of rage.

Why Would I Lie? Trailer (1980)

08 August 1980

Cletus is a compulsive liar. He prefers the term 'fabrication' to lie though. When Cletus becomes a social worker he's assigned the case of a boy called Jorge (with a 'J') who was taken from his mother.

The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson Trailer (1990)

15 October 1990

A film about the early life of the baseball star in the army, particulary his court-martial for insubordination regarding segragation.

The Sporting Club Trailer (1971)

28 February 1971

This exploitative melodrama is set in northern Michigan where an exclusive private hunting club is located.

The Big T.N.T. Show Trailer (1966)

07 January 1966

Live performances by some of the top rock-and-roll acts of the mid 60s. Includes Ray Charles, The Byrds, Joan Baez, Ike and Tina Turner, Donovan, The Lovin' Spoonful, and several more.

One Potato, Two Potato Trailer (1964)

01 January 1964

Study of interracial marriage in the 1960's. A white divorcée falls in love with and marries an African-American man.

A Woman Named Jackie Trailer (1991)

13 October 1991

A film about the life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis.

Second Honeymoon Trailer (2001)

11 March 2001

A couple, secretly on the verge of announcing plans to divorce, reluctantly depart for a second honeymoon after their family surprises them with a tropical trip as a gift for their 20th wedding anniversary.

Elvis and Me Trailer (1988)

07 February 1988

The story of Priscilla's life with rock and roll star Elvis Presley.

The Stranger Who Looks Like Me Trailer (1974)

07 March 1974

A young girl who is looking for the birth parents who gave her up hooks up with a young man who has also been adopted and is looking for his real parents.

A Separate Peace Trailer (1972)

27 September 1972

Gene and Finny are two boys who are best friends living in 1943, at the height of World War II. The idea that the boys will most likely be drafted when they turn eighteen is surrounding them, and they are practically forced to live their lives to the fullest.

Ash Wednesday Trailer (1973)

01 November 1973

Barbara gets secret plastic surgery in Switzerland in an attempt to save her marriage to Mark, but he doesn't seem interested in meeting her.

The Abduction Trailer (1996)

07 July 1996

Kate finds herself in harrowing danger when her cop ex-husband, Paul, will stop at nothing to get her back -- and the harassment, which includes sexual assault and battery, doesn't end because the authorities won't hear of it.

The Test of Love Trailer (1999)

01 December 1999

Cassie's husband was just involved in a plane crash and is in a coma. The airline says his wife was killed in the accident.

Love-Struck Trailer (1997)

31 May 1997

The Fifth Missile Trailer (1986)

23 February 1986

The crew of a Polaris submarine, on a training mission simulating an attack on Russia, is stricken by toxic poisoning.

The Other Side of the Mountain Trailer (1975)

14 November 1975

A female skiing champion is paralyzed in a tragic skiing accident. Her girlfriend is taken out of competition when she contracts polio.

Love Child Trailer (1982)

15 October 1982

It's an extraordinarily touching true-story about Terry Jean Moore, the determined, independent and young woman who is imprisoned for 7 years on account of a "five dollar" robbery.

Murder So Sweet Trailer (1993)

02 February 1993

A hometown heartthrob (Harry Hamlin) marries the local beauties and then poisons them in this true story of a real lady killer.

Menu for Murder Trailer (1990)

04 December 1990

A crime comedy directed by Larry Peerce.

The Bell Jar Trailer (1979)

20 March 1979

Adaptation of the 1963 novel by Sylvia Plath. Details a young woman's summer in New York working for a Mademoiselle-like magazine, return home to New England, and subsequent breakdown all amidst the horrors of the fifties, from news of the Rosenbergs' execution to sleazy disc jockeys and predatory college boys.

The Neon Empire Trailer (1989)

27 September 1989

New York mobster Junior Moloff begins plans to transform Las Vegas into a mecca of prostitution and gambling.

The Other Side of the Mountain: Part II Trailer (1978)

10 February 1978

The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 is a 1978 film directed by Larry Peerce. It stars Marilyn Hassett and Timothy Bottoms.