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Laura Drasbæk (født 22. december 1974 på Nørrebro, København) er en dansk skuespiller og forfatter. Hun debuterede i filmen Lad isbjørnene danse i 1990. Siden er hun uddannet fra Skuespillerskolen ved Aarhus Teater i 2001. Hun har spillet flere teater og filmroller. Desuden har hun skrevet børnebøgerne "Gersemi og de nordiske guder" (2005) og "Alma med dragehjerter" (2006). Laura Drasbæk arbejder sideløbende som sælger i Ib Spang Olsens galleri ved Kongens Have i København. I 2010 deltog hun i Vild med dans, her fik hun en andenplads sammen med sin dansepartner Silas Holst. Hun har to sønner med Gerard Bidstrup, desuden har hun været gift med Kasper Eistrup. ​

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Pusher Trailer (1996)

30 August 1996

A drug pusher grows increasingly desperate after a botched deal leaves him with a large debt to a ruthless drug lord.

Flickering Lights Trailer (2000)

03 November 2000

Four small gangsters from Copenhagen trick a gangster boss: they take over 4,000,000 kroner which they were supposed to bring him.

Daisy Diamond Trailer (2007)

23 November 2007

A tragic story about Anna who dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream.

Echo Trailer (2007)

07 December 2007

A divorced policeman loses custody of his young son, only to kidnap his boy and retreat to a remote cottage, where his plan soon turns into a nightmare.

Murk Trailer (2005)

07 October 2005

The psychological thriller "Murk" tells the story of Jacob, who is investigating into the circumstances surrounding his sister's death on her wedding night.

The Good Cop Trailer (2004)

16 April 2004

A crew of young, small-time crooks screws up. Ripping off a shipping container of Chinese silk for a Rasta gang, they also come away with two and a half kilos of heroin belonging to the Latvian mafia.

Okay Trailer (2002)

27 March 2002

A bittersweet comedy with dogma star Paprika Steen in the strong leading role.

Just Like Home Trailer (2007)

30 March 2007

The tale of a troubled small town, and the brave few who made it their mission to keep the community together.

My Sisters Kids & the Gold Diggers Trailer (2015)

05 February 2015

Family film 'My Sisters Kids & the Gold Diggers' sends Uncle Erik and the kids on a new adventure.

No Time for Love Trailer (2009)

30 October 2009

Circumstances force the unstructured yet charming Danish Bohemian novelist, Simon, to share his flat in Copenhagen with the very organized and beautiful Swedish lawyer, Malou.

Dance of the Polar Bears Trailer (1990)

05 February 1990

At age 12, Lasse is a tough guy and a bright one. His life is changed when his mother, pregnant at the time, abandons his beloved father.

Final Hour Trailer (1995)

26 June 1995

Some students gets locked up in their school and is stalked by a killer. But as time goes by, it turns out that there is more to this than it seems.

The Boys from St. Petri Trailer (1991)

11 October 1991

A group of school-mates form a resistance group in nazi-occupied Denmark.

What a Circus Trailer (2017)

05 October 2017

Everything is as usual at the circus, where a cheerful band of performers enjoy a world full of magic and where grown-ups get to play.

Park Road - the Movie Trailer (2012)

02 February 2012

When Elisabeth dramatically collapses at her own party, secrets are revealed and new desires spring to life for the residents of Park Road.

Backstabbed Trailer (1996)

06 September 1996

Four high school friends meet up in an abandoned house to play 'Backstabbed', a game of murder with headphones and plastic weapons.

The Contest Trailer (2013)

21 March 2013

Being a stranger doesn’t necessarily mean to be coming from the farthest away. Karl and his mother are about to learn this when they move from the west coast of Denmark to the ethnically and religiously mixed area of Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

A war photographer returns home for a brief moment, hoping to reconnect with the woman he left behind.

Visse Hensyn / Faste Forhold Trailer (2004)

17 December 2004

Rene Linier / Andre Måder Trailer (2004)

17 December 2004

Familien Gregersen Trailer (2004)

17 December 2004

An adaptation of Christian Kampmann's four novels about the two decades from 1954 to 1974 as experienced by the five sons and daughters of the Gregersen family.