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E Aí... Comeu? Trailer (2012)

22 June 2012

The real first comedy about love.

Adrift Trailer (2009)

31 July 2009

A 1980s-set drama about a teenage girl undergoing her sexual awakening when she learns about her father's infidelities.

Bald Mountain Trailer (2013)

18 October 2013

In 1980, best friends Juliano and Joaquin join the gold rush at Serra Pelada, Bald Mountain, a mountain town near the mighty Amazon river.

Jonah Trailer (2016)

27 October 2016

During Carnival in San Paulo, a young man and young woman who knew each other as children meet again after many years and social barriers have kept them apart.

The Boy in the Mirror Trailer (2014)

19 June 2014

What child has never dreamed of having a double, someone who would do all of the annoying things in his place? Seeing his reflection get out of the mirror into the real world, this dream comes true for the fearless boy Fernando.

13Noir Trailer (2013)

20 May 2013

A collection of 13 little stories. Black and white, with just instrumental music.