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I've Loved You So Long Trailer (2008)

19 March 2008

A woman struggles to interact with her family and find her place in society after spending fifteen years in prison.

Look at Me Trailer (2004)

18 November 2004

This is the story of human beings who know exactly what they'd do if they were somebody else, but can't handle being themselves very well, who are very simply struggling to find out who they are.

The Stone Council Trailer (2006)

15 November 2006

In France, the single translator Diane Siprien adopts an Asian baby named Liu-San in a foundation directed by Sybille Weber.

Jack & Sarah Trailer (1995)

02 June 1995

Jack always lands on his feet. He lands on his feet when he marries the beautiful Sarah. He lands on his feet when he buys a luxurious new home.

L'année de l'éveil Trailer (1991)

16 April 1991

A sensitive, 14 year old orphan in a military school learns about life and love from his classmates and teachers.

Camille Claudel Trailer (1988)

07 December 1988

The life of Camille Claudel, a french scupltor who becomes the apprentice of Auguste Rodin and later his lover.

The Very Merry Widows Trailer (2003)

09 July 2003

Renée is Laurence's grandmother and she intends to show her how to make rich men fall in love with her, in order to get their life insurance's money.

I Can't Sleep Trailer (1994)

18 May 1994

Ninon is a spirited hotel-manager who teaches self-defense classes to her terrified elderly neighbors.

Inquiétudes Trailer (2003)

28 September 2003

When she was seven, Elise Gardet witnessed her mother’s brutal murder. Ever since, she has tried to forget this unsolved crime.

Ma compagne de nuit Trailer (2011)

03 November 2011

Fire in Paradise Trailer (1997)

10 December 1997

On her honeymoon on a ship the daughter of a rich plant owner realizes that she's not happy with her marriage.

L'écrivain public Trailer (1993)

03 November 1993

Jacques asks a public writer to compose love letters for a beautiful stranger that he pretends he has just met.

Forget Me Trailer (1995)

24 January 1995

Nathalie is together with Antoine, who really loves her, despite of her obvious tendency go get away from him.

Hôtel de France Trailer (1987)

20 May 1987