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Fragmentos de amor Trailer (2016)

15 April 2016

Rodrigo, a piano-tuner and former composer fallen on hard times, begins a love affair with the soon-to-be-married Susana.

The Farm Trailer (2016)

13 October 2016

A promising young boxer, a barren midwife, and a fat kid with a bike: three intersecting stories about the pursuit of happiness and it's unanticipated consequences during the economic collapse of the island of Puerto Rico.

Queridos Reyes Magos Trailer (2005)

29 November 2005

Christmas Musical Special from Banco Popular that presents many Christmas traditions from Puerto Rico.

Viva navidad Trailer (2006)

03 December 2006

This musical production completes the trilogy dedicated to Christmas which began in 2004. This musical approach is characterized by the integration of contemporary rhythms such as reggaeton with traditional sounds, leading the viewer to experience new aspects in music.

En mi país Trailer (2004)

05 December 2004

The illusion and joy of Christmas arrives from the four cardinal points of Latin America. The film recreates a typical Christmas party with Puerto Rican and Latin American artists, whom convey how Christmas is celebrated in their countries.

Encuentro Trailer (2002)

08 December 2002

The social vision of the lives of three Hispanic singer-songwriters who enjoy the favor of Puerto Rican public and Latin America is presented: Rubén Blades, Juan Luis Guerra, and Robi Draco Rosa.

Ocho Puertas Trailer (2003)

07 December 2003

Ocho Puertas is a popular Puerto Rican club where many of the future musical talents of Puerto Rico were first showcased, and given a chance to succeed.

Angelito mío Trailer (1998)

11 November 1998

Heaven is in chaos. God left for Earth to seek faith and hope in humanity. San Wichón stays in charge of the Celestial Senate and, in his campaign for the governorship, things get out of control.