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Law Chi-leung aka. Lo Chi-leung  is a Hong Kong film director and screenplay writer.

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Koma Trailer (2004)

27 April 2004

A horrid crime was committed at a wedding reception and bridesmaid Chi Ching was the lone eyewitness.

Inner Senses Trailer (2002)

31 December 2002

This is the story of Yan, a young woman haunted by fleeting images of what she believes to be dead people.

The Bullet Vanishes Trailer (2012)

14 August 2012

One rainy night in an arms factory near Shanghai, a young female worker accused of stealing a box of bullets from the ruthless Boss Ding (Liu Kai Chi) is violently killed in a game of Russian roulette.

Viva Erotica Trailer (1996)

28 November 1996

Sing's last two films were flops, but he is given the helm on a Category III sex film and has to cope with a leading lady who won't do nude scenes, Triad backers, and a crumbling relationship with his girlfriend.

Insanity Trailer (2014)

19 November 2014

Fan Kwok Sang's schizophrenic breakdown led to the accidental death of his wife Wai Ling, and he was committed to a psychiatric hospital three years ago.

Keeper of Darkness Trailer (2015)

26 November 2015

Street-smart exorcist Fatt has an unique method of dealing with vengeful spirits: He negotiates with them and persuades them to let go of their grudges.

The Vanished Murderer Trailer (2015)

27 November 2015

A women's prison in the Northern China in 1932, Prisoner FU Yuan (JIANG Yiyan) digs a tunnel in her prison cell with a silver spoon and escapes.

Bug Me Not! Trailer (2005)

20 July 2005

Moon is a young misfit who has the ability to talk to bugs. Moon has always been perceived as a "misfit" because she spoke baby talk too long.

Kidnap Trailer (2007)

14 June 2007

Three years ago, drama teacher Lam Hiu Yeung (Karena Lam) lost her younger brother in a kidnapping case, headed by female inspector Ho Yuen Chun (Rene Liu).

Double Tap Trailer (2000)

27 May 2000

Leslie Cheung plays Rick Pang, an IPSC champion who is also a gun expert who modifies his pistols to perfect his technique known as 'double tap', placing two shots in the same exact spot.

Full Throttle Trailer (1995)

14 December 1995

One of Hong Kong's top motorcycle racers is forced to reevaluate his entire way of life after a serious accident and the loss of a close friend.

Curse of the Deserted Trailer (2010)

12 August 2010

Young writer Guo (Shawn Yue) wrote about a titular curse in his book, “The Deserted Village”. It began 500 years ago in the Ming Dynasty, when one of the villagers died of terminal illness.

Hot War Trailer (1998)

28 December 1998

Blue, Tango, and C.S. are CIA research scientists working on Project VR Fighter, which is designed to train any unskilled person into a magnificent combat agent.

Till Death Do Us Part Trailer (1998)

03 December 1998