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The Storm Riders Trailer (1998)

18 July 1998

Based on a comic book called Fung Wan (or Tin Ha), the movie stars Ekin Cheng as Wind and Aaron Kwok as Cloud.

King of Beggars Trailer (1992)

17 December 1992

The illiterate General of Canton, General So, advocates a lazy, happy lifestyle of sex and money. His spoiled and also illiterate son, Chan (Stephen Chow), is his most faithful disciple.

The Eye: Infinity Trailer (2005)

24 March 2005

The Eye 10 (Chinese: 見鬼10; The Eye 3), or The Eye Infinity, is a 2005 Thai-Hong Kong horror film directed by the Pang brothers, starring Wilson Chen, Kate Yeung, Isabella Leong, Bongkoj Khongmalai, Ray MacDonald and Kris Gu.

Vulgaria Trailer (2012)

09 August 2012

Struggling movie producer To Wai-Cheung (Chapman To) is hardly able to make ends meet, yet his daughter (Fiona Sit) hopes to one day sees him being interviewed on TV.

The Stool Pigeon Trailer (2010)

26 August 2010

Living in the guilt of sacrificing his informant in a previous operation, Criminal Intelligence Inspector Don Lee is wary when his superior orders him to send another informant to spy on the criminal operations of Barbarian, a vicious gangster plotting a jewelry heist.

Ocean Flame Trailer (2008)

23 May 2008

Wong Yiu was a very shameless person and a blackmailer until one day he met a waitress named Ni Chenl

Romantic Dream Trailer (1995)

24 June 1995

A spiritualist can put you into a dreamworld where you can have your greatest desire

Bends Trailer (2013)

16 October 2013

Flora Lau’s debut feature is a beautifully formed, subtle film that focuses on the lives of two people with very different prospects – a wealthy Hong Kong woman and her mainland Chinese chauffeur – both trying to cope with life’s unexpected dramas.

The Yuppie Fantasia Trailer (1989)

20 May 1989

Marital ups and downs and extramarital flings provide the background to this uproarious tale of life in an advertising agency.

Golden Chicken 2 Trailer (2003)

24 December 2003

The year is 2046 and 82 year old Golden Chicken (slang for prostitute) Kum (Sandra Ng), spots a heartbroken man (Chapman To) planning to take memory loss-pills.

My Darling Genie Trailer (1984)

11 May 1984

Out of the Shaw Brothers vaults comes My Darling Genie, an amiable early-eighties comedy starring the enchanting Cherie Chung.

The Yuppie Fantasia 3 Trailer (2017)

26 January 2017

Leung Foon, 52 years old, his life experienced three waves: 1.when Ann made him by the boy into a man that day, 2.

Family of Lust Trailer (1981)

26 September 1981

shaw production

The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon Trailer (1990)

18 January 1990

Lam Bo Sun, the richest man in Hong Kong, is expected to marry the ditziest of socialites in a matter of weeks.

One Heart One Spirit Trailer (1981)

31 July 1981

shaw production

Game Boy Kids Trailer (1992)

12 June 1992

Andy act a successor to a criminal society. While knowing their boss is coming down from an airplane.

Break Up 100 Trailer (2014)

01 August 2014

Sam and Barbara have been together for eight years, but the key to their relationship is breaking up.

Murder Trailer (1993)

14 May 1993

Lawyer Jessica Yau finds out about her husband's money laundering scheme and gets shot in the head. She survives, but loses her memory.

Behind the Yellow Line Trailer (1984)

03 October 1984

Leslie is Simon, a mild mannered guy starting a new job and taking care of his mom and dad. He catches a glimpse of a pretty girl named Monica at the MTR station--and it's love at first sight.

A Tale from the East Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

The Little Princess and her bodyguard Jiang travel 200 years from the past to the present day. They are relentlessly pursued by the evil General Shea Hai, a vicious and seemingly indestructible puffy-faced Blood Devil demon who wants to get his hands on a magical pearl the Little Princess possesses.

Finale in Blood Trailer (1993)

06 November 1993

This supernatural drama revolves around a radio disc jockey named Cheng, who unexpectedly comes into contact with the beautiful ghost of a woman named Feng.

Happy Together Trailer (1989)

19 August 1989

Kenny Bee works for a large Hong Kong corporation who's business practice is not exactly honorable. But he is being promoted to upper management with all its perks.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father Trailer (1994)

01 February 1994

Yuen scorns his father, who he thinks is too generous and forgiving. Through a flashback/time travel gimmick, Yuen meets his parents during their joyous courtship.

Inspector Pink Dragon Trailer (1991)

04 September 1991

A blundering Hong Kong police inspector, Ma Yu Long, goes under cover to investigate a high-class businessman, Teng Kuo Chiao, who was bribing city planning officer Ma Yu Yu to build roads to suit his needs and is suspected to be liable in Yu's death.

Truth or Dare : 6th Floor Rear Flat Trailer (2003)

04 June 2003

Six Hong Kong roommates vow to each accomplish something daring or wonderful within one year.

Ah sou Trailer (2005)

04 August 2005

A young woman becomes a triad boss.

Pretty Ghost Trailer (1991)

21 March 1991

Building Inspector Tony (Tony Leung Ka Fai) investigates an old abandoned building in a deserted plant site and falls victim to a restless demon, who wants to resurrect into Tony's body.

Carry on Doctors and Nurses Trailer (1985)

05 September 1985

This film is a Hong Kong version of the British Carry On films, this one specifically set in a hospital.

Break Up Club Trailer (2010)

16 June 2010

Break Up Club (Chinese: 分手說愛你) is a 2010 Hong Kong romance film starring Jaycee Chan and Fiona Sit.

Heaven Can't Wait Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Foreign - Tony is a wily, pessimistic scam artist who uses an ancient superstition to build a hilariously enterprising business.

Ghost in the House Trailer (1988)

14 April 1988

A college professor and his wife moves into a house inhabited by the ghost of his friend's grandfather's concubine.

Heart to Hearts Trailer (1988)

25 August 1988

The first of the three titles in the screwball Hong Kong "Hearts" series. Alex, a creative director, temporarily fills in as conductor for a choir.

The Red Panther Trailer (1983)

27 October 1983

A cop suffering from "posterior ulcers" tries to catch a serial killer who seeks out victims with medical problems.

The Eighth Happiness Trailer (1988)

11 February 1988

It is a comedy made for the Chinese New Year's day, the adventures of three brothers with women. They find their new love thanks to a breakdown of the telephone system which put them, by chance, in communication with young women whom they did not know.

Wonder Women Trailer (1987)

03 October 1987

This is an outrageous comedy about seven days in the life of two girls Leung and Ling, who want to skyrocket to the top by entering a beauty pageant.

Cocktail Trailer (2006)

19 January 2006

The melancholy Candy runs the Half Mortal, a trendy bar in Hong Kong. She hires Paul; Stella, a part-time employee who's a college student in psychology, trains him.

He & She Trailer (1994)

09 June 1994

Tony Leung Ka-Fai stars as a gay man who helps the spiritedly Anita Yuen through her single motherhood when her married boyfriend (Lawrence Cheng) impregnates and abandons her.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Trailer (1983)

11 April 1983

This is an extremely rare example of science fiction, Hong Kong style, but, fittingly, it's unlike any sci-fi flick you've ever seen.

Couples, Couples, Couples Trailer (1988)

20 May 1988

Couples, Couples, Couples is a largely broad comedy about the vagaries of romance and babymaking.

The Meaning of Life Trailer (1995)

27 April 1995

Obstetrician Joey Fong helps childless couple Shiu and Lan kidnap an unloved child and then decides she wants to have a baby with heartless news reporter husband Terrence.

The Modern Love Trailer (1994)

21 April 1994

Hong Kong in the 90's - the women's movement and attitudes towards love and sex is depicted through experiences of three women.

Tom, Dick and Hairy Trailer (1993)

25 February 1993

Tom Chan, Dick Ching and his older cousin Hairy Mo live in the same tenement building but each of their love life is different.

The Drummer Trailer (1983)

16 March 1983

1983 film, details to follow

The Romancing Star III Trailer (1989)

21 December 1989

This third franchise installment carries on the wacky romantic spirit of cheese auteur Wong Jing's earlier efforts, as four mismatched and contentious Hong Kong couples consider swapping partners but realize they're happier as they are.

The Bachelor's Swan Song Trailer (1989)

18 March 1989

Kenny and Maggie, lovers of long standing, have been scrimping and saving for their marriage. One day Maggie suspects that she is pregnant, and suggests an early wedding.

She Starts the Fire Trailer (1992)

17 September 1992

Chingmy Yau stars in She Starts The Fire, a fish-out-of-water comedy where the fish can set people on fire! Wendy (Chingmy Yau) arrives in Hong Kong to stay with her aunt Big Beer (Deannie Ip), who shares a space with her landlord Charles (Lawrence Cheng, who also directed).

Never Ending Summer Trailer (1992)

10 January 1992

When Chan comes to Vancouver to be with his wife, he finds her sleeping with a local cop, as well as discovering that the deed to his house has been sold.

Brief Encounter In Shinjuku Trailer (1990)

16 February 1990

The hilarious sequel to the 1989 hit The Yuppie Fantasia, Brief Encounter in Shinjuku brings back Lawrence Cheng as a thirty-something Hong Kong yuppie finding misadventures in love and marriage.

Love with the Perfect Stranger Trailer (1985)

18 April 1985

shaw production