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Miguelito, the Rebel Trailer (1985)

14 June 1985

This is the story of Miguelito, his estranged mother Auring and the quest for justice against a powerful politician.

Hotdog Trailer (1990)

30 November 1990

a film by Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao.

Child Haus Trailer (2015)

18 November 2015

A film inspired by the halfway house for children with cancer fighting for their lives built by Mader Ricky Reyes.

Fatima Buen Story Trailer (1994)

27 July 1994

Based on an actual case, Fatima Buen Story mixes tabloid sensationalism with paranormal symbolism and features O’ Hara’s trademark qualities: sudden violence and heroic love against a background of cinematic magic.

Mara Clara The Movie Trailer (1996)

18 September 1996

Almira and Susan give birth at the same time in the same hospital. Gary steals the Almira’s newborn child and switches the infant to one of his newborn twins; in revenge to Almira’s decision of rejecting his love for Amanthe’s Gary concocts the wicked plan with his friend, Kardo, a hospital staff in switching the babies.

The 13th Chapter Trailer (2000)

23 August 2000

A story of good versus evil revolving around a young woman. When Angela is born to David and Sara they are full of joy but as she grows up, she proves to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Swing It... Baby! Trailer (1979)

09 March 1979

a film by Al Quinn.

Iiyak Ka Rin Trailer (1983)

08 July 1983

t's a story about a rich brat who happens to fall in-love with his mysterious phone pal and wanted to meet her.

Condemned Trailer (1984)

19 October 1984

Yolly, a flower vendor and her brother Efren, who works as a driver and hired hit man for ruthless money laundering lady Connie, live a hardscrabble and bleak existence in the underbelly of the tourist/fashion district of Manila.