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Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária Trailer (2013)

24 May 2013

The youngest daughter of a rich man has been raped by five black men in the slums of Rio, and her father arranges her marriage to one of his employees in order to save the family's honor.

O Homem Que Desafiou o Diabo Trailer (2007)

28 September 2007

Zé Araújo (Marcos Palmeira) é um homem boêmio, que gosta de frequentar cabarés e ouvir cantadores de viola.

Tainá - An Amazon Legend Trailer (2011)

03 July 2011

The film tells the story of Tainá, a 5 years old orphan Indian girl who dreams of becoming a warrior and discovering her true origin.

A Dança de Feliciano Trailer (2013)

14 September 2013

Tieta of Brasil Trailer (1996)

30 August 1996

Just when her family starts believing that she is dead, and that they can expect a rich heritage, Tieta returns from São Paulo to her native village in Bahia, which she had been forced to leave long ago because of some involvement with a goat herd.

Irmãos de fé Trailer (2004)

02 January 2004

Rio's Love Song Trailer (1994)

15 September 1994

Four love stories which portray a wide gamut of emotions and desires against the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro.