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Leslie Banks, CBE (9 June 1890 – 21 April 1952) was an English theatre and cinema actor, director and producer, now best remembered playing gruff, menacing characters in black and white movies of the 1930s and 1940s.

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The Man Who Knew Too Much Trailer (1934)

30 November 1934

A man and his wife receive a clue to an imminent assassination attempt, only to learn that their daughter has been kidnapped to keep them quiet.

Jamaica Inn Trailer (1939)

12 May 1939

In Cornwall, around 1800, a young woman discovers that she's living near a gang of criminals who arrange shipwrecks for profit.

Henry V Trailer (1944)

24 November 1944

Based on one of the most popular historical plays by Shakespeare and made in order to boost the morale of British troops during WW2, this movie is about English King Henry V and his military campaign in France in 1415.

Madeleine Trailer (1950)

14 February 1950

The middle-class family of a young woman cannot understand why she delays in marrying a respectable young man.

The Most Dangerous Game Trailer (1932)

16 September 1932

An insane hunter arranges for a ship to be wrecked on an island where he can indulge in some sort of hunting and killing of the passengers.

The Door with Seven Locks Trailer (1940)

12 October 1940

This early British horror film was called "Chamber of Horrors" when it was released in the United States.

Fire Over England Trailer (1937)

25 February 1937

The film is a historical drama set during the reign of Elizabeth I (Flora Robson), focusing on the English defeat of the Spanish Armada, whence the title.

Your Witness Trailer (1950)

06 March 1950

Adam Hayward, a successful New York City defense lawyer, receives a cable that the British war buddy who saved his life at Anzio Beach is now in trouble with the law in England.

Went the Day Well? Trailer (1942)

07 December 1942

The quiet village of Bramley End is taken over by German troops posing as Royal Engineers. Their task is to disrupt England's radar network in preparation for a full scale German invasion.

The Small Back Room Trailer (1949)

21 February 1949

At the height of World War II, the Germans begin dropping a new type of booby-trapped bomb on England.

The Tunnel Trailer (1935)

27 October 1935

An engineer (Richard Dix) leads the building of a trans-Atlantic tunnel linking Britain and the United States.

I Am Suzanne! Trailer (1933)

25 December 1933

A dancer falls in love with a puppeteer, much to the consternation of her manipulative manager. The puppeteer himself seems more interested in his puppets than in romance with her.

Busman's Honeymoon Trailer (1940)

22 July 1940

When Lord Peter Wimsey marries Harriet Vane, a crime author, they both promise to give up crime for good.

Sons of the Sea Trailer (1939)

23 December 1939

The head of Dartmouth Training College has been murdered, and his successor, Captain Hyde, suspects that he himself may have been the intended target.

21 Days Trailer (1940)

29 April 1940

After Larry Darrent accidentally kills his lover's blackmailing husband, someone else is arrested for the crime.

Ships with Wings Trailer (1941)

10 November 1941

Before the war, a Fleet Air Arm pilot is dismissed for causing the death of a colleague. Working for a small Greek airline when the Germans invade Greece, he gets a chance to redeem himself and rejoin his old unit on a British carrier.

Neutral Port Trailer (1940)

06 December 1940

Neutral Port is a 1940 British war film directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Will Fyffe, Leslie Banks, Yvonne Arnaud, Phyllis Calvert and Wally Patch.

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery Trailer (1939)

01 November 1939

During a charity soccer match between Arsenal and touring amateur side Trojans, the Trojan's new star player collapses and dies.

Red Ensign Trailer (1934)

17 June 1934

David Barr is the manager and chief designer of a British shipyard in decline. The shipyard is in financial trouble but Barr has a design for a new ship that will save them all.

Farewell Again Trailer (1937)

05 January 1937

Farewell Again is a multiplotted British comedy/drama about soldiers on leave and the people they've left.

Sanders of the River Trailer (1935)

10 May 1935

British District Officer in Nigeria in the 1930's rules his area strictly but justly, and struggles with gun-runners and slavers with the aid of a loyal native chief.

The Fire Raisers Trailer (1934)

22 January 1934

Jim Bronton is an insurance investigator, but he's unhappy with his work and gets involved with a gang of arsonists.

The Big Blockade Trailer (1942)

19 January 1942

Wartime propaganda piece reporting on the success of the economic blockade of Germany in the early years of the war.

Three Maxims Trailer (1936)

01 January 1936

The Three Maxims are trapeze artists Pat (Anna Neagle), Toni (Tuilio Carminati) and Mac (Leslie Banks).

Wings of the Morning Trailer (1937)

11 March 1937

A beautiful Gypsy girl falls in love with a horse trainer.

The Night of the Party Trailer (1935)

16 July 1935

A major newspaper publisher dies in suspicious circumstances during a parlour game at a dinner party.

Cottage to Let Trailer (1941)

06 September 1941

Cottage to Let is a 1941 spy film starring Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim and John Mills. Set in World War II Scotland, its plot concerns Nazi spies trying to kidnap an inventor.