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Darna: The Return Trailer (1994)

09 May 1994

Valentina, Darna's snake-haired arch enemy, is trying to take over the Phillipines through subliminal messages on religious TV shows.

Liberated Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

Liberated tells the story of a group of friends with focus on the two lead stars Zubiri and Prieto. Zubiri plays a sexually liberated (hence the title) young woman who falls in love with the beau of her morally-inclined best friend (played by Prieto).

Rosario Trailer (2010)

02 December 2010

Based on a true story and set in one of the most colorful periods in Philippine history, ROSARIO is destined to be a modern masterpiece in Philippine filmmaking.

Maskara Trailer (2015)

26 June 2015

The Philippines is being geared up to be interconnected through a system called One Wired Nation (OWN).

Shake Rattle and Roll Fourteen: The Invasion Trailer (2012)

24 December 2012

Shake, Rattle and Roll 14 : The Invasion is a 2012 science fiction horror film directed by Chito S. Roño.

My Guardian Debil Trailer (1998)

25 April 1998

A Filipino comedy film directed by Jun Urbano.

Vendor Trailer (2013)

11 November 2013

Blondie (Vivian Velez) is personified as three things: a hardworking businesswoman, a wife who’s been cheated on, and a mother of three.

Litsonero Trailer (2009)

20 May 2009

SYNOPSIS. Fidel (Paolo Contis) is a fresh culinary arts graduate from a Swiss school, working as an under-chef in a casino restaurant in Macau.

Si Techie, si Teknoboy, at si Juana B Trailer (2010)

10 June 2010

Techie and Jay, both OFWs from Qatar, decide to come home for two weeks to get married. Unknown to Jay, Techie is nurturing a plan to meet her virtual lover, Teknoboy, before her wedding day.

Bridal Shower Trailer (2004)

01 January 2004

Three advertising executives are doomed to perpetually look for the right man. Tates, Katie and Sonia are all are stuck in a rut with love, sex and marriage.

Agimat, Anting-anting Ni Lolo Trailer (2002)

25 December 2002

Pao is a young schoolboy who inherits an amulet from his grandfather. butt before he can use its power, he must first past three formidable test to prove his strength and determination.

The Kite Trailer (1999)

23 June 1999

Though widowed ex-cop Homer is a kindly father to his ten-year old son Rex, he is considered to be something of a bully in the poor Manila neighborhood that he lives.

Flower of Manila Trailer (1999)

29 December 1999

A woman who falls under the sway of a crime boss plots to bring him down after a horrible betrayal in this drama from the Philippines.