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The One-Armed Swordsman Trailer (1967)

26 July 1967

An evil gang attacks the Chi school of Golden Sword Kung Fu. One student sacrifices his life to save his teacher and his school, his dying wish is that his son be taken in as a student.

In the Line of Duty 4 Trailer (1989)

21 July 1989

Two detectives who are up to their necks in trouble and in each other's face, as they try to shut down a drug-trafficking scheme that could be connected with international ties to organized crime.

Bishonen Trailer (1998)

11 September 1998

Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu play a male prostitute and policeman who fall in love with tragic consequences.

The Eunuch Trailer (1971)

12 May 1971

This rare release is set in the cloistered halls of the imperial palace, the home to many ghostly stories of wrongful deaths and lonely spirits, amidst the quiet shuffles of the eunuchs.

Return Of The One Armed Swordsman Trailer (1969)

28 February 1969

The notorious “One-Armed Swordsman” who has spent the last two years retired from the martial world as a simple farmer with his wife.

GOOD TAKE! Trailer (2016)

14 April 2016

GOOD TAKE is an omnibus of five short stories with 85 minutes duration, filled with suspense, surprise etc.

Kano Trailer (2014)

27 February 2014

A Taiwanese high school baseball team travels to Japan in 1931 to compete in a national tournament.

Family Honor Trailer (1990)

24 May 1990

Norman Law directed this Hong Kong gangster film about siblings joined by a common enemy. Tao is a ruthless loan shark, whose brother, Fu Sai Hang, is the captain of the local police.

Why Me? Trailer (1985)

29 October 1985

The tragic story of Fat Cat, a mentally retarded man who endures the mistreatment of the local villagers, and Koko, the idealistic social worker who tries to give him a better life.

Rhythm of Destiny Trailer (1992)

01 April 1992

Two brothers Ah B and Dee live in two different worlds. Ah B decided to quit his smuggling business for a new life.

Bet on Fire Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Cherie Chung and Cheung Man are two young women forced into a life of prostitution. Mostly, it's a sensitive melodrama about loyality and female bonding.

Vengeance of a Snowgirl Trailer (1971)

29 October 1971

The head-slicing Snow Maid heroine is enraged after she learns that her mother has been raped by a gang of thugs.

Heartbeat 100 Trailer (1987)

21 May 1987

A Fiction Writer and her sister travel to the country to work on a new novel. But, local thugs and a murder complicate matters.

The Trail of the Broken Blade Trailer (1967)

04 March 1967

Chivalrous swordsman Jun-zhao (Kiu Chong) goes in search of a fugitive named Li Yueh (Jimmy Wang Yu) in order to reunite him with his love, Liu Xian (Chin Ping).

The Silent Swordsman Trailer (1967)

13 September 1967

A young swordsman is tasked to lead a patriotic secret society to fight a traitorous general who conspired with the enemy to invade their country.

The Assassin Trailer (1967)

22 December 1967

Yu is a two-armed swordsman who is betrayed by a jealous rival, but initially seeks a life of simple pleasures until an accidental meeting with another patriot sets him back on the road to bloody, brutal vengeance.

Hiroshima 28 Trailer (1974)

11 April 1974

Filmed on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, Hiroshima 28 was the first all-Hong Kong crew to make a feature in Japan.

Black Butterfly Trailer (1968)

06 March 1968

Black Butterfly, steals from the rich and gives to the poor. In reality, she is Bao Zhu, the daughter of retired swordsman Kwan Yee.

Love in a Fallen City Trailer (1984)

02 August 1984

Taking place in 1941, Love in a Fallen City centers on Pai (Cora Miao), a young woman who has been ostracized by her family for divorcing her rich husband.

Songfest Trailer (1965)

19 February 1965

Musical about the love story of a tea-picking girl and a fisherman.

Coolie Killer Trailer (1982)

12 June 1982

Ko leads a team of Hong Kong assassins that are taken out one by one. Ko manages to flee to the countryside, where he aims to find out who's behind this and to gain the strength to fight back.

Gun Brothers Trailer (1968)

21 February 1968

Welcome the "Bandit with a Thousand Faces" to the ranks of the great screen "outlaw heroes". Like Zorro, he uses a secret identity as a playboy to foil tyrannical Shan Yung county authorities.

Dark Rendezvous Trailer (1969)

11 December 1969

A dark rendezvous by the Shaw Brothers.

The Ghost Story Trailer (1979)

25 May 1979

An old man of the village tells kinky ghost stories to a few of it's inhabitants after all the kids have gone to bed.

The Twelve Gold Medallions Trailer (1970)

07 January 1970

As a valiant Chinese general and his men battle Tartar invaders, patriot swordsmen attempt to stop the delivery of 12 medallions sent by a traitor that could spell the doom of the Sung Dynasty.

Heads for Sale Trailer (1970)

06 May 1970

Like any good jianghu swordswoman, Chiao Chiao is a wandering do-gooder for hire who specializes in dispatching the thieves and ruffians that prey on honest folk.

A Cause to Kill Trailer (1970)

15 January 1970

Ivy Ling Po, star of The Temple of the Red Lotus, tears up the screen as a jealous, murderous movie star, who, like seemingly all "film noir" vixens, wants to kill off her husband.

Red and Black Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

In 1941, during the Japanese occupation of mainland China, a man is infected by a jap vampire soldier.

Blood of the Dragon Trailer (1971)

08 December 1971

White Dragon must get a list with the names of rebel supporters to Prince Ma Tung, the leader of the rebellion.

Thank You, Sir Trailer (1989)

19 August 1989

Lee Ying, who is the chief inspector of Regional Crime Unit, is newly promoted to Royal Hong Kong Police Cadet School as Deputy Commandant.