Loretta Palma

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Cleo/Leo Trailer (1989)

01 May 1989

No overview found.

Wildest Dreams Trailer (1990)

21 February 1990

The geeky owner of an antique shop accidentally releases a beautiful genie from her imprisonment. She grants him three wishes.

Enrapture Trailer (1990)

30 March 1990

In this erotic thriller an out of work actor is forced to take a job as a limousine driver. He drives for a beautiful woman and her husband who has ties to the mob.

Deranged Trailer (1987)

30 October 1987

Joyce seems to have the perfect life - she lives in a nice apartment with a wealthy husband, is soon going to give birth to a baby boy, and has all the money she'll ever need.

New York's Finest Trailer (1988)

02 April 1988

A cross dresser helps three whores on their search for rich husbands

Sensations Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

A call girl and a hustler both end up with half of a multi-million dollar lottery ticket... but the only way they can collect the money is to be married to each other for two weeks!