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Die Todesautomatik Trailer (2007)

26 November 2007

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Yugofilm Trailer (1997)

10 October 1997

The lives of a Serb family are torn apart by the pressures of the not-too-distant war with the Croats.

Headshots Trailer (2011)

16 September 2011

Sleeper Trailer (2005)

26 June 2005

Johannes, a new assistant at the university, is asked to provide reports on an Algerian colleague - who is suspected of being a sleeper.

Sechzehneichen Trailer (2012)

28 November 2012

A young couple moves to a gated community (named Sechzehneichen), where soon the creative wife (a photographer) gets bored and the husband joins a secret mens' club.

Slumming Trailer (2006)

10 February 2006

Two yuppies play mean tricks on one another until one joke has fatal consequences.

Finnlandia Trailer (2001)

09 October 2001

Die Viertelliterklasse Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Bis dass dein Tod uns scheidet Trailer (2002)

25 March 2002

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