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Lammbock Trailer (2001)

23 August 2001

Stefan and Kai have good going business, self-grown cannabis screened as pizza delivering service. For now they only have to deal with plant-louses.

Soul Kitchen Trailer (2009)

09 September 2009

SOUL KITCHEN film centers on a likable but hopelessly disorganized restauranteur, Zinos, whose cafe is second home to a motley crew of lovable eccentrics.

Lommbock Trailer (2017)

23 March 2017

Sequel to Lammbock. Stefan and Kai meet again after years. Stefan became a successful lawyer in Dubai while Kai is stuck in their home town.

The Miracle of Bern Trailer (2003)

15 October 2003

The movie deals with the championship-winning German soccer team of 1954. Its story is linked with two others: The family of a young boy is split due to the events in World War II, and the father returns from Russia after eleven years.

Sommerfest Trailer (2017)

29 June 2017

Chiko Trailer (2008)

09 February 2008

This is the story of Isa, who grows up in a Hamburg suburb. It might be one of the world's richest cities but every beast has its belly and here, in the very underbelly, Chiko lives in a world where violence, staking and keeping a claim, and drug taking are the norm.

Solino Trailer (2002)

23 September 2002

The movie portrays the story of an Italian family emigrated in Germany in the 1970s. Romano (Gigi Savoia), the father, decides to open a pizzeria which, by mutual decision with the wife Rosa (Antonella Attili), will call Solino, leaving his sons Gigi and Giancarlo to work there.

The Wall - The Final Days Trailer (2008)

06 October 2008

The Shell Seekers Trailer (2006)

25 December 2006

Penelope Keeling, a sixty-four-year-old daughter of a famous artist, reflects on her life, and the fate and choices that defined it, when she arrives in the Mediterranean to stay with her headstrong daughter.

Teufelsbraten Trailer (2007)

09 November 2007

Die Pilgerin Trailer (2014)

06 January 2014

Herz Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

Generation War Trailer (2013)

17 March 2013

Berlin, 1941. Five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe - and that will forever change them as well.

Scrappin' Trailer (2016)

05 May 2016

Mirko Talhammer is beyond himself when two strange guys show up in his noble insurance office and remind him where he really comes from: from a scrapyard in the provinces, where careers are not what counts, other things are more important: scrapping things, the family, and every once in a while, a nice fist fight.

Goldene Zeiten Trailer (2006)

26 June 2006

No overview found.

Mutig in die neuen Zeiten - Im Reich der Reblaus Trailer (2005)

26 October 2005

Oh Tannenbaum Trailer (2007)

07 December 2007

No overview found.

Liebe und andere Delikatessen Trailer (2010)

05 February 2010

Kein Geist für alle Fälle Trailer (2010)

19 January 2010

Clara Immerwahr Trailer (2014)

28 May 2014

Vater Undercover - Im Auftrag der Familie Trailer (2006)

10 October 2006

Sugar Orange Trailer (2004)

29 August 2004

Lukas is Sugar, Clemens is Orange. Together, they are two ten-year-old boys who are inseparable. More than just playmates, they share a unique bond which seems predestined to last a lifetime.

Aus der Tiefe des Raumes Trailer (2004)

16 December 2004

Hardcover Trailer (2008)

02 April 2008

No overview found.

Zorn - Tod und Regen Trailer (2014)

08 May 2014

Nina sieht es ...!!! Trailer (2011)

08 June 2011

Mutig in die neuen Zeiten – Nur keine Wellen Trailer (2006)

26 October 2006

Hochzeitspolka Trailer (2010)

30 September 2010

Gegen jedes Risiko Trailer (2005)

23 April 2005

Alma ermittelt – Tango und Tod Trailer (2007)

07 May 2007

Cattolica Trailer (2004)

28 January 2004

Stefan, a gay bartender in a trendy club, doesn't care a lot about his professional and personal future.

Utta Danella - Eine Liebe in Venedig Trailer (2005)

06 January 2005

Verrückt ist auch normal Trailer (2003)

19 February 2003

The Promise Trailer (2011)

06 February 2011

A young British girl travels to Israel/Palestine, retracing the steps of her grandfather - a British soldier stationed there in the 1940s.

So schnell Du kannst Trailer (2003)

25 August 2003

Sterne über Madeira Trailer (2005)

22 May 2005