Lucie Debay

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The Confession Trailer (2017)

08 March 2017

Before the Winter Chill Trailer (2013)

26 November 2013

They are the perfect French haute bourgeois couple: Paul is a respected surgeon and Lucie cooks and gardens exquisitely.

Light Thereafter Trailer (2017)

26 January 2017

Pavel, an emotionally volatile and socially alienated young man, sets off across Europe in search of his idol, the enigmatic painter Arnaud.

Melody Trailer (2014)

23 August 2014

Melody, 28 years old, a confused child born under the name X, decides to rent out her body in order to get the money she needs to realize her dream: opening a hair-dressing salon.

Lola Pater Trailer (2017)

09 August 2017

King of the Belgians Trailer (2016)

30 November 2016

The King of the Belgians is on a state visit in Istanbul when his country falls apart. He must return home at once to save his kingdom.

Neuf jours en hiver Trailer (2015)

11 December 2015

Territoire Trailer (2015)

26 April 2015

1957, Ossau Valley, Pyrenees, France. Pierre reaches the summer pasture with his dog and his flock of ewes.

Jung Forever Trailer (2014)

04 October 2014

Somewhere Between Here and Now Trailer (2009)

29 June 2009

After three years of travel through South-East Asia, a young woman, Louise comes back home. Brussels, Belgium.