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The Second Mother Trailer (2015)

08 February 2015

After leaving her daughter Jessica in a small town in Pernambuco to be raised by relatives, Val spends the next 13 years working as a nanny to Fabinho in São Paulo.

The Secret Life of Pets Trailer (2016)

18 June 2016

The quiet life of a terrier named Max is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.

Head Over Heels 2 Trailer (2012)

28 December 2012

Alice owns a network of sex shops and workaholic who, in trying to reconcile the harsh routine of work and family life, suffers nervous breakdown, she is forced by her husband to go to spa.

Carandiru Trailer (2003)

21 March 2003

Film based on real life experiences of doctor Drauzio Varella inside dreadful State penitentiary Carandiru, in São Paulo, Brazil, while he was doing a social work of Aids prevention.

My Name Ain't Johnny Trailer (2008)

04 January 2008

In the 90's, In Rio de Janeiro, the middle-class João Guilherme Estrella is introduced to the world of drugs consuming maconha and cocaine first and later becoming a drug-dealer with many connections inclusive in Europe.

The Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell Trailer (2010)

21 May 2010

Friends of the recently deceased Quincas take their pal's body on one last tour of his favorite spots in Brazil's Bahia.

Amanhã Nunca Mais Trailer (2011)

11 November 2011

Walter is an absent father and husband who works in a hospital without time for his family. His redemption happens when his wife sends him to the birthday cake for her daughter, but she does not know is that during the return trip home, the impossible will happen so that everything goes wrong.

Homens de Bem Trailer (2011)

01 January 2011

Brainstorm Trailer (2001)

22 June 2001

A trip to the mental institution hell. This odyssey is lived by Neto, a middle class teenager, who lives a normal life until his father sends him to a mental institution after finding drugs on his pocket.

Muita Calma Nessa Hora Trailer (2010)

12 November 2010

Three young friends, Tita, Mari and Aninha decide to change their situations and travel to a beach place for a weekend.

Entreturnos Trailer (2014)

12 September 2014

Aos ventos que virão Trailer (2014)

24 July 2014

Trampolim do Forte Trailer (2013)

08 November 2013

Jean Charles Trailer (2009)

26 June 2009

The tragic true story of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian shot dead by British police in 2005 at the height of the London terrorist alerts.

The Sign of the City Trailer (2007)

29 September 2007

Teca, a late-night radio show host, uses her astrological skills to help listeners who call in for advice.

Terça Insana Trailer (2004)

10 February 2004